7th Annual Hot Boat and Custom Car Show 2015

The big show in Needles California.

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4 Responses to 7th Annual Hot Boat and Custom Car Show 2015

  1. goog le says:

    setting here watching this and realize most of the folks here are middle aged and older. I guess this video in the future will be a bunch of middle aged people sitting in front of computers playing video games. No more toys…hard to imagine getting that excited about dual monitors as opposed to dual carbs, fresh air and sunshine.

  2. Jake Pearson says:

    What companies sell and make the bug at hers with the 3 red butterflies

  3. d38550s says:

    Great video, thanks.

  4. Will Binder says:

    How about that nice save at 10:00 from keeping the water from rushing in the back of the boat, pretty awesome