Dagger Alchemy: Performance Touring Kayak

A brand born in whitewater, Dagger carries aggressive performance inspiration from the mountains to the sea. For eyes seeking far off possibility, performance touring offers an exciting world of weekend adventures, shoreline exploration and flat water expeditions. For the control and assurance to meet the challenge, choose the kayak trusted to always go the distance.

Offering performance and versatility from lakes to slow moving inland rivers, rock gardens or surf zones, the Alchemy is the adventurer’s choice. It is stable and forgiving yet performance-engineered for exciting environments. Watch for more details and visit http://dagger.com/.

Tips and Tricks for Rolling Your Whitewater Kayak | Skills | Rapid Magazine | Rapid Media

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Bombproof your kayak roll in whitewater with these tips from Thea Froehlich, guest instructor at the Madawaska Kanu Centre (http://owl-mkc.ca/mkc/).
Rolling is simple once you understand it’s a combination of hip movement and a sequence of placements of your paddle. Follow these easy how-to’s to get your first whitewater roll, or perfect your technique.
Discover great paddling adventures at http://www.ontariotravel.net/wateradventures

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4 Responses to Dagger Alchemy: Performance Touring Kayak

  1. Bill Serve says:

    Very nice! Love the fist punch…great tip I haven't heard before, thanks.

  2. Laurie Carefoot says:

    thanks for this video it has really helped me to develop my role further

  3. Carl Reuter says:

    Its a well described video and well demonstrated but I dont know anyone that does a C to C roll. As the other gentleman said a sweep roll ( some call it a screw roll I believe) is the way to go unless you are a nimble 24 y.o. girl like the one in the video. Its hard to generate the righting motion for most of us after the blade is already out at a 90.

  4. K Pape says:

    C to C requires a spine like a rubber band. Prefer the sweep.