Drone On: the Future of UAV Over the US

From military weapons expos in Jordan to idyllic SoCal beaches, we caught up with some of those who are building and selling unmanned aerial vehicles all over the world, and even convinced a few companies to let us take their flying spy robots for a spin.

Originally aired on Motherboard.vice.com

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20 Responses to Drone On: the Future of UAV Over the US

  1. TheBrothersCompound says:

    seriously? is flying drones in nyc illegal?

  2. Thomas Banks says:

    Motherboard is right on point.  I'm Thomas Banks.  If you are interested in the threat micro-drones represent, I suggest you look at my new book INDEFENSIBLE available on Amazon.  I believe you will appreciate my perspective of the risk drones and terrorism represent.  @droneon1

  3. Zealth Steel says:

    if the government removes theirs we will remove azwearers ok fuck the police

  4. Speed Limit says:

    This is the best weapon for attacking the Apartheid state of Israel by using it against all military and civil air traffic in that Nazi state.

  5. Fernando morel says:

    I was at the zoo and the employees freaked out cuz it look just like this one

  6. Fr Louie Goad says:

    How long before science is used for tersest use.
    We could not stop an attack of 10,000.

  7. Fr Louie Goad says:

    Drones should be shot down, Do we wont them over our homes? Watching everything we do?
    Dehumanization killing, Death has became a video game.

  8. Rrrrobbo says:

    it would be illegal for anyone to film through your window be it with an rc aircraft or a camera on a pole… ban poles!

  9. Rrrrobbo says:

    your privacy isn't being invaded if you're standing in the street, 99% of people flying fpv aren't interested in other people other than staying the fuck out of their way and not crashing the thing!

  10. sirdavidspagnolo says:

    This video is such a fear-baiting piece of shit.

  11. PMan H says:

    Any functioning 12 gauge shotgun could easily drop one of these flying "toys". Then, pick it up and rebuild it and send it "home" with a dirty bomb built in!    ;-)

  12. John Holeman says:

    I would really like to see a drone with a central fan and four gyros inside a saucer, which also has a full laser complement. Imagine walking up with several saucers overhead that have trained lasers targeted on the triggers of your enemy.

  13. Tim Wiley says:

    Video quality w/ bubble dome, un-acceptable. $69.00 mobius camera put it to shame! Overpriced crap for coroparate- Govt, fat i.e. our tax money. Build your own w/ superior materials and custom programs.

  14. 5216l says:

    I just want to be able to fly my quad without being handcuffed or something. I've been in this hobby for years

  15. CQG Shea says:

    why did they add the effects over the video from the drones, making it harder to see?

  16. Thomas A. Anderson says:

    Stop calling "drone" a remotely controlled multirotor flying in GPS mode or not, and no one will yell at you that you've made killer machine !! People don't know what it is so don't use term associated with us military UAV's ….. BTW. Same quadcopter can be build by anyone who do shopping at Hobby King. Big F… deal !!

  17. Jonny Morley says:

    Motherboard is so scared of drones,  "they're here already, but there not going to kill you, at least not yet",   and adding "with hellfire missiles", the delivery sounds like the reporter sympathize with "terrorists"

  18. Qi Huna says:

    My interest is drones, but my overall interest is to INTERCEPT, OVER-RIDE AND TAKE-OVER(CONTROL) or just INTERCEPT & BLOCK and letting the Copter fall and crash!!

  19. octavioveliz says:

    3DR is much bigger now than they were in this video.

  20. Wyatt Phoebe says:

    I can't wait to have drones everywhere