EDC Las Vegas 2015 Official Announcement

EDC Las Vegas 2015 Official Announcement

Come one, come all! Come in peace or don’t come at all! Insomniac is thrilled to announce EDC Las Vegas 2015. Join us June 19-21 for three nights of super blooming beats and funkdafied freaks, as we celebrate music, love and life with YOU, our Headliners! We can’t wait to come together for another magical weekend Under the Electric Sky.

Tickets are available at: http://bit.ly/EDCLV2015YT

Music: Original score by Bunny

Las Vegas Events: Rock in Rio 2015

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On Saturday, May 16th, I was able to get out to one of the biggest Las Vegas events of the year in Rock in Rio. It is a huge music event that was being held in the U.S. for the first time. There were some big names the day I was there, like John Legend, Taylor Swift, and Bruno Mars. Check out the video to see all of the action I caught!

Las Vegas Events: Rock in Rio 2015

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26 Responses to EDC Las Vegas 2015 Official Announcement

  1. Morgan Neyland says:

    What is the song at the end

  2. David Castaneda says:

    My brother is going to edc 

  3. Akeem Watson says:

    From AZ, leaving for Vegas tomorrow. So excited!! 

  4. Alvin Chi says:

    My eyes hurt !! 

  5. David Castaneda says:

    My brother Ariel Castaneda is going to edc

  6. K Ethan says:

    cant wait!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Raquel Gonzalez-Rivera says:

    Ready set…last chance;) Goooooo! Edc 2015!!!http://splur.gy/r/Nc1X2/r/2ZKg3QzgtgJ

  8. Raquel Gonzalez-Rivera says:

    I'll just leave this last minute chance to win a 2015 EDC package right here… https://contest.io/c/jtu0ytsy

  9. John Lama says:

    Is kinetic field really that big?!?! holy crap that looks like a scene from lord of the rings.

  10. Dj Quincy Ortiz says:

    Hello my name is DJ Quincy Ortiz. I am a EDM DJ and I just entered the  EDC Las Vegas 2015 Competition Entry. Can you listen to my mix and leave your commets ? https://www.mixcloud.com/djquincyortiz/dj-quincy-ortiz-edc-las-vegas-2015-competition-entry/

  11. OutsideStandards says:

    umf is better lol

  12. roflmfaoolwep says:

    I just keep watching this because it's going to be my first time under the electric sky and it's, Going. To. Be. Fucking. Crazyyyyy!!

  13. Jack Cheney says:

    Awesome Video Jacob! Long time no hear, been busy working. Not sure if you can recall I moved from St. Louis May 8th to Salt Lake City. So far loving it! Coming from the Midwest out West this is a whole different world for me.

    Was in Vegas Memorial Day Weekend much was spent with friends didn't see much of the strip. Now that I'm so close to Vegas I can jump on a plane be there in about an hour, so many more times to visit.

    I had never heard of Rock in Rio until watching your video, appear fun & very entertaining definitely would be interested in checking it out one day!

  14. FunkMastaMegaFlex says:

    Nice dude! Looks like an amazing good time!

  15. JacobslifeinVegas says:

    Rock in Rio was awesome to see when it came to town!

  16. JacobslifeinVegas says:

    Rock in Rio was an awesome event to experience!

  17. Eli Allswede says:

    Do you know about EDC? (Electric Daisy Carnival) Their festival in Vegas is supposed to be huge!

  18. Johnny Klebitz says:

    Happy Memorial Day Jacob!! hope you're having fun my man!

  19. Twix's Old Channel says:

    Jacob, did you feel the earthquake this morning??

  20. mksrookies says:

    VIP section uh??? Must be nice. I am not allowed in the VIP section. I usually sit in the Riff Raff section

  21. SuperRefractorman says:

    Looks like fun man. I am hoping to get back to Vegas in September.

  22. MrGrownman455 says:

    Man that looks like so much fun.

  23. ChanFacets says:


  24. Johnny Klebitz says:

    God, that looks like fun. I'm sorry New Orleans, you guys try,  but we all know where the real party is. =p

  25. jonathan phoenix says:

    wow that's a lot of people