First Public Look! 132 Year Old Winchester Rifle Found in Nevada Under A Tree !!

Old West Relic Found – This is the first public display of the Model 1873 Winchester rifle that was found leaning against a tree in Great Basin National Park in northern Nevada. Who left it? How long ago?

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20 Responses to First Public Look! 132 Year Old Winchester Rifle Found in Nevada Under A Tree !!

  1. Lars Jönlid says:

    Fantasic find !!

  2. Torrey Ellison (Highgear1) says:

    I would've just restored it back to shooting condition

  3. Franklin Blankenship says:

    amazing ….a person placed it there and it did not move for a hundred still the air…how quiet and undisturbed it must be there….I want to go…the rifle lay against the tree and saw the few rainfalls…held the only witness to random occasional snowdrift….heard the coyotes howl and the hawks' cry….at least once had a small lizard crawl up it and onto the tree….still never moving….earthquakes…fires….world wars….tsunamis……the rifle like a part of the tree….lying still…..still acting out the influence of that person that placed it there so long ago…untouched….unmoving…forgotten or lost …leaning against the tree it blended in with the landscape….the persons eyes scanning…looking for it…too many rocks…too much scrub…have to get going ….have to leave it…..the rifle….staid….stayed leaning…..motionless….for a century….it belonged to someone…….

  4. SamIAm says:

    damn homely rangers

  5. Nathan Ibarra says:

    Safe to say, you cannot actuate the toggle action with this individual firearm. Given its age and condition.

  6. XtreeM FaiL says:

    Clean and oil your guns regular basis, don't left them outside for 100 years or you will regret it later.

  7. Tony Oliveira says:

    Is that where I left it? I was being chased by the Earp brothers from Tombstone. My horse went lame and I had to shoot him… poor old buck. Hungry and thirsty, I finally fell asleep and by sunrise, I woke up with a shotgun pointed at my face, it was Morgan, Wyatt was sitting on his horse laughing his ass off. When I asked him what's so funny, he said he was laughing because I killed my horse with my last bullet, and all the horse had was a stone on the shoe.

  8. Eric Stringer says:

    Some kid a 100 yrs ago probably got his butt beat because he lost his dad's gun

  9. RICK GUERRA says:

    Did anybody notice that there is no saddle ring or ring holder I thought back then they all had them.

  10. Ridgid says:

    Nice thanks for sharing…! Try buying a Winchester 44/40 today you have to take out a mortgage to pay for it. The Rifleman must have left it there..;)

  11. Paul Frederick says:

    rifle sits out in the elements for 100 years. Person handles it with cotton gloves. Go figure?

  12. Bryan George says:

    i love stuff like this…thank u for posting…

  13. yourotherleft says:

    So, what's the "Buy it now!" price ?

  14. H onkey says:

    Winchester!!! What an American legend. So sad that they sold out Americans and moved all their production to Japan. How soon we forget getting bombed by them.

  15. Jim Marcum says:

    I have seen movies that when in a shoot out a single man would place weapons at strategic locations and move from weapon to weapon mush like Mel Gibson did in the movie 'the Patriot'.  some scenario like that would be the only reason I could see a weapon would be left behind.  Sudden death of the owner or arrest.  Weapons were just to valuable and necessary in those days.

  16. keifer225948 says:

    too damn cool..

  17. Don Neiman says:

    That's the 3rd variation of the model 1873. It's missing the brass lifter (feed mechanism). Must have broken during an Indian encounter and trying to load single shot would have been a death sentence so the man or woman set it against the tree, jumped on his horse and got the hell out of there…Indians didn't want it because it didn't work as it was supposed to.

  18. hello hun says:

    I'd rather have found one in an estate sale. What is something in such poor shape possibly be worth?

  19. Jack Hartzell says:

    wonder how it was lost. perhaps the owner died of thirst or something

  20. Brian Patronie says:

    Who are "they" and who are "they" shipping it "too"? And most importantly why? Put the damn thing under glass at the NP headquarters it was found on and leave it be.