Flying Car

See a real Flying Car taking off and land! Web:
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20 Responses to Flying Car

  1. flyhigh says:

    its video editing

  2. Juble Tyre says:

    I swear people are so dumb, yes it is fake I have one that is a truck and it uses the same motors as the ones you find hobby grade rc cars

  3. Voice-Over LIKE A BOSS says:


  4. xmart zex says:


  5. Natalie Luders says:

    Dah what ever

  6. Bouzid Oussama says:


  7. Allef Henrique Rodrigues Alves Henrique says:


  8. roberto archetti says:

    È piena di elio, l'ho vista a top gear

  9. Eden Padayao says:

    that is fake

  10. 彩月 says:


  11. JP_Ministries says:

    Are people really this stupid? yes it's real rc flying car. not a real car.

  12. Elliot Hickling says:


  13. James G says:

    is that possible

  14. Scratness 103 says:

    It's like I'm watching Harry Potter. I think that's how they made the car fly

  15. Divyansh Verma says:

    yes it's a drone

  16. Divyansh Verma says:

    yes it's a drone

  17. sadiq nbr1 says:

    oao nays

  18. Carl dad says:

    very nice toy

  19. Haroon Khan says:

    can somebody sit in the car while it is flying

  20. Agent 47 says:

    is some one reely think this is real hahahahahahahhahah