Guess my age, what’s my antiaging secret.mp4

Want to stay looking young in your 40’s and 50’s. Watch this video to see what women are doing to keep their youthful look.
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6 Responses to Guess my age, what’s my antiaging secret.mp4

  1. LMA UK says:

    My wife Elsie is 87 and she is better looking than all these women put together. I'm off to get laid.

  2. lovelyxskinny says:

    The first woman looks 50 to me so only slightly younger than her age of 54, the second woman I would have thought 70 and the third younger woman…she looks 37 just like the audience said lol. So 2 out of 3 of them look older than their age..

  3. Angie Angst says:

    They all look their correct age to me. Aside from the last one, I guessed she was 45 ish.

  4. North Maan says:

    How old is the gentleman??

  5. Plainprincess says:

    Wow i cant believe the first lady is over 50, i thought shes in her mid 40s

  6. John Monroe says:

    I heard of a lot of anti ageing products, and i am looking for sometime, they are usually expensive, but i found a cream that delivers free trial, so i commanded one, and it works.. this is the one:, if you know some results, please tell me. it does works for me