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Killer Whale encounter whilst kayak fishing Eyemouth. As seen on ITV news but unedited full footage.

My apologies first for my language, but when you have just cleaned a big catch of fish, are sitting in a 13 foot plastic kayak, and you see the world largest apex predator heading towards you it does cause some concern! I also included footage of a porpoise I saw about half an hour earlier.

I had my camera’s both running but my Go Pro had run out of charge, but the Kodak was still recording – just – it cut out just after I caught the swirl from the whale diving beside me.

The thrill of a lifetime for me, it was an awasome experience, I have been humbled by it, but I always have respected the sea.As always I thank the sea for its providence and blessing me with this experience.
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Never-before-heard 911 call and interrogation tapes show how Angelika Graswald appeared to react to fiancé’s death.
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