Las Vegas Motorcycle Encounters Vol. 14

Had some clips laying around and some extra time on my hands. Thought I would give those old subs some thing for sticking around through my recent changes. Hope you enjoy. Quality went to shit when I uploaded it? Not sure why. Update: fixed it self. I’m an idiot, carry on.
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Las Vegas: Motorcycle encounters vol. 5

Few clips of me riding around Las Vegas. Bike is a 2009 Kawasaki Er-6n.

1. Double take
2. Look what Jesus did
3. Death from above
4. Honk
5. Stop looking
6. Hypocrite
7. Headless

Quick shout out to YummiR6 for all the suppport.

Some guys that inspired me to get riding again:
Jake thegardensnake:…

Some guys that make hilarious content that I wanted to immitate:

Lastly, for being such an asshole whom I chose to love and hate at the same time.

All these guys I highly recommend watching. If you like them, tell em I sent ya please =)

Thumbs up if you liked and subscribe its free!!

Intro and cut scenes were provided free courtesy of Ravenprodesigns. Check them out they rock!
Music was provided royalty free from Royaltrax. Awesome selection of great music.

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40 Responses to Las Vegas Motorcycle Encounters Vol. 14

  1. Thedavidthao1 says:

    What is ur setup? Do u have a mic?

  2. Divine Travisty says:

    Awe. he went all Fanboy on you. I'm afraid I'm going to do the same thing in Southern California if I bump into my guys out here

  3. BattleKoozie says:

    Your Editing and humor is top notch, not seen in many motovloggers if any. Dry just like vegas.

  4. Steve Rodriguez says:

    Yo it looks like she popped it back open the gas tank (x

  5. Rob Beeton says:

    your brapping…^__^

  6. Z AN E says:

    That's kinda cool that you live in the same area I do so I notice like every place you're riding in!

  7. chi702bm says:

    +TheVegasBiker dude I live down the street from you lol by liberty high school

  8. InfiniteEclipseFX says:

    good to have you back man. You were my first and all time favorite motolvogger. I just wish you did it more:(

  9. Street Weezl says:

    It's good to see some of the old VB on the screen again, even if it really is "old VB".

    I get what you're laying down with the channel lately, but honestly, I think you'd be better off switching away from the theme of baiting cops and go back to this stuff. Nothing says "the law is broken" to the public like videos of morons getting away with damned-near murder on the roads.

    After all, the kind of change you're looking for isn't going to happen because of some grass roots movement or mass-uprising by the civilian population. The kind of change you're wanting only happens from the top. To make that happen, you're going to have to become The Man(tm). The same kind of Man, in fact, that is currently pushing bodycams onto the LVMP officers right now, no matter how loud some of them (the bad ones I'll wager) bitch about it.

    Keep on rolling man, and no matter what you decide to record and show the rest of us, all we can hope is that you keep on rolling SAFE. :)

  10. Street Bike Madhouse says:

    great video. you earned a sub!!

  11. Spookie Gamer says:


  12. GG scrub says:

    6:21 its filthy frank motherfuckeeeer, its filthy frank bitch. let's get sum pussy tonight

  13. Brezzoh says:

    "you fucking shit stains" I laughed way too hard at this.

  14. Ekans Cao says:

    Damn I couldnt see you in vegas

  15. ghostshadow says:

    Now you owe me two cookies. haha!

  16. John Taylor says:

    Uh dude I'm pretty sure that jetting through a crowd like that would get you jail time.

  17. xDeadlyMuffinx says:

    Cookieless cookie found, also your videos are always awesome, anti-police and otherwise. Make them when you can, and we'll watch them when we can. Stay Classy.

  18. Joshua Chiriac says:

    Awesome bike what year is it

  19. Edgar Enriquez says:

    Where is your squirt gun????

  20. Josey F Jaimes says:

    lmao that truck you closed the gas tank of looks like the truck with the dude you tried opening the back door then the

  21. EasyBuzzHD says:

    what if one day you through one of those and theres gasoline and it catched fire hah!

  22. Melissa Ocampo says:

    Your videos suck

  23. mackdaddie001 says:

    What a second, are you the guy that got hit and run on at tropicana ave and maryland pwy?

  24. nicklas nuez says:

    3:40 that the Mirage

  25. nicklas nuez says:

    that ceasers palace at start

  26. Fukaikokro says:

    You're the hypocrite! Pointing out someone else and doing the same fucking thing?! That's a hypocrite!

  27. nope nope says:

    NTGATT. none of the gear, any of the time.

  28. nope nope says:

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! when you just aim your gun at the dude sideways in the road and hold it there.

  29. Nigel van der vliet says:

    I love your videos!!! keep up the work man!!

  30. Brock Steel says:

    You will get arrested shit for brains..

    Thumbs down on all my accounts.

  31. Brock Steel says:

    pure shit..

  32. Mustang Turbo says:

    You little troll :D

  33. Doug Brown says:


  34. Donald Johnson says:

    Somebody is gonna hurt u one day.. I like the videos though lol

  35. ExactkillaPlaysPCinHD says:

    1,111 club!

  36. Coopa Jay says:


  37. Pira says:

    why did the dude get mad when you honked at him? I know it scares the shit outa you but you dont have to get mad..

  38. rideswithzach says:

    You're funny as fuck bro lmao. Here's a sub for ya!

  39. Carlia Y says:

    This douche is a pussy menace. Someone needs to slap the shit out of him.

  40. syxrzacm says:

    I was checking out big greasy titties… How did I end up here?