Las Vegas Strip – From Mandalay Bay to Fremont with explanation

Strip Changes: A tour of the Vegas Strip. Resorts location and other tips. DETAILS ON – check our newest videos and don’t forget to share what you like in your social media 🙂
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20 Responses to Las Vegas Strip – From Mandalay Bay to Fremont with explanation

  1. Vincent Gaughan says:

    great video.. very informative.. thank you..

  2. Christian Jiménez says:

    thanx for the free ride,,,

  3. The Others says:

    I can say I was one of the few that walked the strip on late August, 2004. I was in my 30's . and it was quite a challenge, I consumed a half-gallon of water, started at 11am from Luxor to Circus Circus arrived at 6pm. crashed in my bed. " I did made a few stops along the way. and I m a Walker. good luck to all

  4. Tom Nimmer says:

    ! love your videos and your narration, and your sense of humor.  You really give so much information, and I really appreciate you taking so much time to make these videos for everyone to enjoy!  Thanks sooooooo much!!!!  :-)

  5. Personal Injury Lawyers Network says:

    Thanks for showing the world more on Las Vegas

  6. Bill A says:

    Thank you SO much for this video.  Having never been to Las Vegas, it gives  you a better idea of how the area is divided.   I hope to be going in a few months :)

  7. yourtimenow says:

    Thank you for this VIDEO. I'll be stepping into Vegas on BIZness lol for Sports Betting for days upon days soon. This has been a long awaited PLAN. So Iam so so GLAD to have found your Site. Keep it up. I'm watching.:)

  8. Mike Blue's Videos says:

    I love your accent!

  9. Keegan Howardini says:

    can any one tell me please  how did you make this video all together , i mean you mixed songs and music and pictures and videos and you made it look as one long nice video ?
    because i just got remarried in las vegas and we have some pictures and some short video and we would love to make or make from these pictures and the videos we like to make one longer video from our photos or our pictures plus we love to put our own music and songs , 
    so can you please help me and tell me where should i do this and how ?
    i am using window 7 and i don't know how to make slide show movie from my music and pictures , 
    you can write to me on my email please , it is ( thank you ,

  10. Keegan Howardini says:

    very nice , thank you

  11. CoOlTy3000 says:

    I LOVE your clip!

  12. fouadsedrata says:

    excuse my english: i was waiting to see the stardust casino, the hacienda …. in the strip, no matter if they distroy them or not, only to see where the mob live, where they run the casinos, like in the scorcese film… nice video.

  13. Dil Hiri says:

    Nice Video, thank-u for posting!

  14. B17Engr says:

    Got a good laugh when you said, There is the pawn shop where you can sell your things so you can get some money.  Back in 1944,when I went to gunnery school there,  I called it "Lost wages, Nevada.

  15. Mark Logan says:

    grea video. really shows the distances from each resort to another.

  16. wantsim says:

    Dear Jules, I wanted to say THANK YOU !   for your reviews and your website.   I have been to Vegas 4 times in the past, with each time eating at mediocre buffets and seeing average shows.   This time, I decided to do more research and have seen your reviews on youtube, as well as read up on, and have started to play MyVegas for rewards.   
    I just returned from a 3 night stay at the Vdara, and we enjoyed the 2 for 1 lunch buffet MyVegas reward at the beautiful Aria buffet.   
    This most recent trip was the best trip ever !    Thank you for all that you do and thank you for your videos and your resources on your website.  You have made this Vegas trip the best and I can't wait to go back to Vegas.   My spouse and I thank you for your advice !

  17. Orlando Polanco says:


  18. sergio basilioli says:


  19. kevin mendoza says:

    Will it be a good idea to walk from circus circus to the strip?

  20. groove armani says:

    I can't stop laughing. This is the first video of yours I have seen, and it's amazing. I've been to Vegas 6 times now. The most recent was a month ago but I've been coming all the way back since 2007, I think. I'm planning on moving there in the next 1-2 months. I definitely understand the pros and cons from someone who used to live here for 5-ish years. This is SPOT ON. Should be viewed by those that have never been to LV before. Keep doing what you're doing!