Mariah Carey – You Don’t Know What To Do │LIVE On Today Show 2014│

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Mariah Carey performs You Don’t Know What To Do ft. Wale LIVE on Today Show 05/16/2014.

Mariah Carey belts out her new tune, “You Don’t Know What To Do” from her new album, “Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse” on TODAY Show.

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18 Responses to Mariah Carey – You Don’t Know What To Do │LIVE On Today Show 2014│

  1. Renan PM says:

    She isn't lipping here. She's singing with the track in the background, but it is too loud that her real voice almost can't be heard. I really don't know why her haters come in all her videos to comment if they don't like her. I think they can't be happy if they don't say bullshit about her.

  2. Beya B. says:

    love this jam ❤❤❤❤ haters don't know what to do with themselves lmfao hahaha Mariah is the best fuck you haters

  3. nathaniel taylor says:

    Her whistle at 4:16 tho

  4. Izzazzo says:

    what a great performance!  did anyone else see Heidi Klum in the audience mesmerized by Mariah?  love it.

  5. Arjen van der Brug says:

    What a vibe in this song!!!! I love this one!

  6. jesse menchaca says:

    she looks so horrible here

  7. Mimoy Moymoy says:

    This should be a single too

  8. Cory Cool Dangerous says:

    such a waste of what could have been a hit single

  9. heizeljf says:

    Anybody notice Heidi Klum in the audience?! Lol 

  10. Jessica House says:

    If don't like Marian why visit her video go have a visit to the clinic so they can check ur head cuz some clearly wrong with u

  11. Patricio Cabrera says:

    mariah is such a ridiculous fat old ass hoe who lost her voice and lipped whatever the hell she tries to sing.

  12. sean paul says:

    only part of this where mariah is live is over wales rap.

  13. KenDawg says:

    Damn, her only promotion of a great album.

  14. Joshua Skylar says:

    I was there that morning :D! I was somewhere on her right like behind Heidi, when this song kicked it was so refreshing it was a warm summer day and it made the whole day exciting. Didn't even sleep the night before cause I was too excited xD

  15. TheLtsh says:

    At 1:12 can anyone else here screeching or is it just me? She's singing live but the backing track is loud enough not to here her natural voice so maybe she hit a bum note.

  16. Tutankhamun says:


  17. Thomas Johnson says:

    Queen Mariah!!!! Long may she reign!

  18. Charmaniaca says:

    I really like this song, I know she's doing lipsync and that she's having a bad time with ver singing but I still support her.