One Direction – They Don’t Know About Us (Lyrics On Screen)

last account got deleted so i’m reuploading all the videos i still have

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20 Responses to One Direction – They Don’t Know About Us (Lyrics On Screen)

  1. CynyMyny21 says:

    It ain't easy to get back. It takes so long.

  2. CynyMyny21 says:

    I never knew how much love and care I have with my Tim, until the day came that he really left me. I'm falling apart. Always thought I knew the meaning. This is so sad to say this but this for the first time in my 3 years with him, this is my motivation to change. The past week, I've been feeling lost. Barely eating. Barely sleeping. Woke up with panic attack, cold sweat, and anxiety. For the first time, it makes me committee to changing myself for him and I.

  3. Katy Stratton (Katie Kandy) says:

    I love this song when I was 13

  4. Kimberly Fowler says:

    My boyfriend used this song in a mixed tape and it is the key to why I let him have one more day. Now we've been married twenty years!

  5. Dale Gass says:

    When you have a bad day just listen to this song and it will just comfort you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. bigmeknurgle says:

    Age of Sigmar. :(

  7. Phantom Nightfall says:

    "Stay awesome."

  8. Joel Pallone says:

    I wont forget ariel 

  9. Erik Gutierrez says:

    my broken heart brought me here

  10. Karina Beltran says:

    This is for u ian Kelly, I love you babe

  11. amber dawn Snow says:

    Oh so true

  12. Wheatiez Goggleye says:
  13. Kenneth Wallace says:

    Went to there concert in first grade back in 87 courtesy of mom, one of the guitarist signed my arm with a Sharpe, good times.

  14. Radicalgasm says:

    I have an 80's Rock Pandora station that I listen to during work. I practically serenade myself every time this song comes on

  15. Rebecka Hodge says:

    I miss my dad I wish that I would of told him I love him a lot more since he's been gone it sucks living

  16. bobby young says:

    Love , I didn't understand it from my earliest memories , and didn't begin to see it was real until my mid thirty`s .
    From a young age my spiritual heart was damaged , which is the seat of our emotions .
    I didn't love anyone , and didn't feel loved , as I grew, I looked at others, in love , and never believed , they really loved each other .  Because it wasn't real to me .
    So I guess one can say , you don't know what you have till its gone , or , you don`t know what, you've never known , until you know .                  Ignorance is Bliss !

  17. Phillip H George says:

    Well Done Bravo!

  18. Heather Demery says: