Smart Kayak Buying on a Budget

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The best way to step into kayaking? I share my opinion on the wise steps to take when beginning kayaking

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5 Friends. 5 Weeks. 500 Miles.

A kayak journey from Vancouver Island to Alaska through the Inside Passage that took place from June-July 2010.

Proof that anyone with dedication, regardless of initial skill level, can enjoy the world’s wild spaces.

The original score, developed specifically for the film; created and performed by Gary Pereira.

Want to paddle the Inside Passage? Dam Good Logistics arranges self-guided trips so you can get out there and have your own adventures. Visit
Video Rating: / 5

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39 Responses to Smart Kayak Buying on a Budget

  1. Franco zuniga says:

    what's the average size for a sea kayak? does the rudder really make much of a difference that one without it would be more challenging to handle?

  2. SlyDz420 says:

    Those just look to long to me for river traveling unless its a mildly slow paced one.

  3. iviewthetube says:

    Another option for a beginner is to go on a guided day tour or camping tour. You will either love it & buy your own kayak or hate it & not waste money on buying a kayak.
    Also, buy a kayak you can grow and advance in; you won't regret it. And don't be afraid of plastic – you can really beat them up.

  4. GodofWarChuka says:

    I just subscribed. You have a good channel. I'm new to Kayaking and I've been looking at them on Craigslist. I'm 6'3" and weigh 290. Should I go with a 16 foot, sit in sea kayak? I like the look of those and would love to get one with a sale. Even the used sea kayaks are expensive, but I want to get into this sport really bad to lose some weight and have fun.

  5. Travis Mize says:

    Don't settle for a "beginner" kayak. Go big or go home (disappointed).

  6. Killtrobal says:

    Thank´s amigoe!

  7. Rachel Green says:

    in your video you discus the sizes of kayaks I've had some trouble finding more info on this i'm looking to buy a touring kayak and i'm 5.2 feet, 110-115 pound and not sure were to start length and size of the boat if you could make a video it would be most helpful thanks :3

  8. Moretti Pyrotechnics and Kayaking says:

    I bought the Huron 100 sport 10' by third coast and evoke. it has awesome storage and I hope it works well. it has an awesome seating system.

  9. PreparedPaddler says:

    Well I just spent $673 on a 2017 Perception Sound 10.5 in Moss Camo, Aquabound Manta Ray Carbon Paddle, and Stohlquist Fisherman High Back life jacket. I should have watched this video first but I think I will like that kayak. No dry storage but I have lots of dry bags.

  10. Ray Konold says:

    Hey Trip!
    Did you mention your Amazon Store and the SailingAndSuch website? The website is a great place for resources and knowledge of your past trips and how to plan your own trip.

    I saw a video of you making a sailing dinghy. Have you ever thought of maybe making a kayak from a kit or plans? Chesapeake Light Craft has a good selection and I've seen others as well. I was thinking of a kit myself.

  11. steve'sadventures says:

    What is the brand of you yellow and silver kayak and how much you pay for!?$$?!
    I only ask cus some one is selling me one ocean kayak pro si 149 for $350
    But i dont found in the internet how much are they around

  12. Eric Kincaid says:

    What is that chair you're sitting in?

  13. Dan Meredith says:

    I'm looking for one that is faster, would that be a touring type?

  14. David Kappes says:

    My tip is go to Austin Kayak look at all the brands and look at all the review of those Kayaks on youtube they deliver it for free and you get 15% off your purchase.They have all the gear, paddles and Kayaks.

  15. Nigel Dance says:

    Great vids. Getting a kayak soon. Looking forward to more of your adventures (Hamilton, Ontario)

  16. Radar Lays says:

    Im a really big guy who wants to kayak with friends we want to plan a 3 day trip and im looking to buy a kayak money is not an issue and Craigslist has none for sale we plan to go about 30 miles what would you recommend i am eyeing this Ascend H12 Sit-in Hybrid Kayak but idk thanks

  17. DISCGOLF DADDY says:

    I really want to just want to be sure about what I am buying. no yaks on craigslist in my area. keep up the awesome videos.

  18. DISCGOLF DADDY says:

    I do have the bug. and your channel is making it worse.

  19. JanayaXx Ratcliff says:

    isnt your yellow kayak better than your grey one?

  20. Sky 3353 says:

    Love to Sail. But you got me quite interested in Kayaking now. I already have five boats. I guess one more can't hurt. I love to camp also. I think this would be ideal. I'll blame it on you, if that's okay. Now I have to figure out what endurance I'll have trying to paddle one of these at my age. I'm an old man.

  21. BMW S1000 says:

    This is actually my favorite kayaking video on you tube. And that says alot. especially when I see a guy like Todd Switzer doing this same trip alone. But the reason I like this is because the fact that they were inexperienced, and just went for it, and the way the movie was made getting their opinions on the way they felt etc. It all just felt very real.

  22. Mark Kromer says:

    1:29 what passage?

  23. BMW S1000 says:

    This is such a cool group, and great video .

  24. John Dagher says:

    Great efforts awesome video, hats off!


    look up the IRIDIUM stove it's built for trips like this…….. ultralight and never fails…….. no moving parts….. bombproof American ingenuity!!!!!! it rocks

  26. Chris says:

    I am watching your video for the third time. I have been planning this same trip for five years, and have finally booked the time off from work to do this solo starting June 2017. You have made a fantastic video encompassing all the aspects of this life changing adventure. Thank you!

  27. scottie agnew says:

    Im off to buy my first Kayak. Thanks for the inspiration!

  28. chris jolie says:

    Great adventure. And nice job Christina putting it together!

  29. Facundo Fernandez says:

    Does anybody know what brand kayaks those are?

  30. Jason Baker says:

    Good job y'all, heck of an adventure

  31. LoriSyme says:

    Thank you so much! Well done! AMAZING!! I just a finished a 6 week adventure, kayaking, biking, hiking, and sleeping in my car from Colorado, through 5 provinces, Acadia, Vermont, New York. Definitely not wanting it to be over! Inspired to plan the next trip!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  32. Y-Knot Remodel says:

    very cool this made my weekend!

  33. AleaderWaterShoes says:

    Awesome video! What a great trip.

  34. charles says:

    I'm slightly in love with Keira

  35. Phil J says:

    outstanding film

  36. Jeff Woods says:

    really enjoyed your video, your adventure and your people , thankyou… and well done

  37. f1sk8mm says:

    Beautiful trip and great video–I had never heard of anyone doing this and I feel inspired to make the trip myself. Someday I will do with my sons.

  38. Liofa says:

    Apart for the over emotional, over the top motivational commentary at the start of the film, which was pretty tacky, the rest of the film pretty good.

  39. Rayzer says:

    Wow, thoroughly enjoyed this video.