Stratosphere Sky Jump Las Vegas. Guy Scared of heights jumps off.

Thought he could overcome his fear of heights by jumping off the Stratosphere. Didn’t work think it made it worse. LOL

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17 Responses to Stratosphere Sky Jump Las Vegas. Guy Scared of heights jumps off.

  1. Liam Timmerman says:

    Why have 110$ dollar fee when you can do it for free? You don't even need a harness!

  2. Nate Mohr says:


  3. Luigitehplumber says:

    I would be dead going on this.

  4. Mike Blarney says:

    When i went up the tower it was ten bucks around 2001. How much is this

  5. RCT3 Rides and more says:

    I went up.  I went out.  I jumped.  I peed.  True story. Not ashamed to admit it.

  6. natedogg02 says:

    +jenniferbrat it's all true and fun I've been there a lot and been on the stratosphere 

  7. satchelmcqueenvideo says:

    dude!!!! congrats!!!! i also am so terrified of heights. at 10 feet i cannot move. i understand completely. . ty vor showing this. sub me on my cohutahah mt tower climb vid. ty!!!

  8. Jenniferbrat says:

    I was fucking shaking for him. I read about this in a story, but I didn't think this was actually real.

  9. CHICKEN SALAD says:

    i might do this, just to prep my mind for real BASE jumping. It's kinda lame, but kinda cool at the same time. It goes faster than I thought it did.

  10. arib al-jad says:

    يلعن اماتكم دغدغتني خصاويني من الرعب 

  11. Silver Reyes says:

    Hahah. I think "oh shit " is everyone's first reaction . Check mine out man. Even though it controls our velocity at about 45 mph , it feels like nothing is attached for that slept second, and this it's all good int he hold whole we are gliding down.. Next one I'm trying is bungee jumping and when I graduate from that I will sky dive . How bout you man? Any more thrill jumps left in ya? Btw I'm scared of heights too !! 

  12. steven cox says:

    Now That looks VERY fun!

  13. Kopihucky says:

    Do they allow BASE jumpers from this ever?

  14. reddevilparatrooper says:

    That beats hitting the ground feet,ass,and head!Awesome footage!I want to see which one of my friends who were not Paratroopers or sky divers want to do this with me?

  15. CaneFu says:

    Falling is unnatural and should scare you.  Evolution selected us to be scared of heights….those who were not died out many generations ago because they lacked that fear and ended up falling off of high places.

  16. Ashrak2002 says:

    He looked like he was gonna shit his pants. Lol

  17. limeyosu2000 says:

    you did well I am so scared of heights! I want to try this though just to say I did.