Templars – New Lost Knights Treasure – Gold Documentaries 2015

full, A fascinating exploration of the legends accredited to the mysterious religious and military order of the Knights Templar. The Order of the Templar, cr.

full, A fascinating exploration of the legends accredited to the mysterious religious and military order of the Knights Templar. The Order of the Templar, cr.

Templars Lost Treasure (Documentary) Please Subscribe! full, A fascinating exploration of the legends accredited to the mysterious religious and military ord.

Lost Treasure of the Templars Jamie Theakston sets out to uncover the remarkable real story of one the greatest treasure quests in modern history and asks if.

I love exploring old gold mining camps here in Nevada. Be careful as you never know what you might find.
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38 Responses to Templars – New Lost Knights Treasure – Gold Documentaries 2015

  1. alex crossley says:

    My ancestors were templars and only two people know where the treasure is. The chosen two passed it down to their son. The other templars made a promise not to tell anyone.

  2. C. Anon says:

    thats not a templar cross at 45;55. that is a knights of malta cross.

  3. Quaker274 says:

    Prins Philip and The pope, was propperly killed off by the templars , or their power full ally, the assasins.

  4. albi ace says:

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  5. Pearly403 says:

    AND you need to mention that the Sarrazenes are Muslims ;-). I'm so sick and tired of the Muslim wars I just laugh them off and view them as testimonies of epic failure ';-) yet they still keep fighting :-)

  6. D'Ann Sherstone says:

    About half way through I just gave up on this documentary even though it was very interesting. THE MUSIC IS TOO LOUD! Why is there music in the first place? This is a documentary – not a movie ………..

  7. MsJinkerson says:

    the money pit we don't know about what if we scanned it from space ?

  8. MsJinkerson says:

    It could be covered up by the army

  9. Clarence Doskocil says:

    Good documentary, but did some hipster put a sepia filter to make it look like it was made in 1978?

  10. Deucejr716 says:

    Fell asleep with autoplay on and watching Assassin's Creed videos. Woke up to this >_<

  11. Van De Sok says:

    If this was/is man made, it wasn't vikings, nowhere in their history shows them with this type of skill.

  12. Grand Prince says:

    Templars are protectors of the Holy Grail to this day, and are working in a secret society to keep humanity safe and the Third Temple closed.

  13. Documentary Magic says:

    "The Priory of Sion" Secretary? I thought it wasn't supposed to exist in recent times. We keep hearing that it hasn't existed in hundreds of years, but I saw a program on tv when all the "DaVinci Code Mania" was happening, where a female representative of the Priory was speaking out, that all that was written about their organization in Brown's book, was fiction. She said their group did not appreciate being associated with such claims.

  14. Art Trombley says:

    Gino Sandri says at 1:00:06 that Roger Lemwah never entered the underground chapel. How can He say that, how does He know for certain what Roger did or didn't do, stating that is crazy. The tunnel at Gizor should be reopened using modern methods and robotics.

  15. Devill Spankalot says:

    Knights Templar managed protection, run banks, giving out loans, mingled with the politicians and clergymen, positioned themselves in castles aka ghetto and went about on horse back wielding long swords. That fit exactly in the description of "God's Gangsters".

  16. coyotemojo says:

    There was never a treasure, they had lent it out. They were reserve bankers.

  17. museluvr says:

    Would anyone happen to know the music piece used throughout the documentary? (thank you) I love the Templars.. interesting historical notes here. Thank you for the upload.

  18. WooSka says:

    why is this program on twice?

  19. Kimberly W says:


  20. Shock Back63 says:

    I would like to explore those old ruins myself..with a good rifle and plenty of ammo :)

  21. Frank Napolitano says:

    Beautiful location with interesting old industrial equipment !….love that older Bantam Excavator Loader. I got three huge 1/16 scale model Bantam Die Cast earth moving rigs here at home !

  22. Mark Seko says:

    Let's do a trip to Death Valley! Lots of old mines! My 4X buddies and I prowled that area from 1989-1998….. Good times!

  23. Redshift313 says:

    I Luv Nevada… and I'm for more of these videos… but enough about me… lol !!!

  24. tom brown says:

    pepe la pew….didnt we call a few guys that sitting in a GZ shack?? lol……i love the west…great movie.

  25. Ronald Weiss says:

    You're in pretty good shape the way you jump around in those old foundations. I'm a fan.

  26. P Hab says:

    Bin a long time sense I got the chance to roam like that cool structures.

  27. hit man hank says:

    Love the old cars in the video. I seem to remember being sprayed by a skunk with you once long ago. Very cool video.

  28. Bones98 says:

    I wonder whats the story behind that shot up car that was left upside down.

  29. Mike Robinson says:

    Beautiful country sir. havent made it out to Nevada yet. There are a lot of old iorn ore mines where i live that have similar character. I have to ask. What was the block and concrete structure remains at the end of the video.

  30. MichiganDeerHunter1 says:

    Very cool video. A brief history of some of the camps would be interesting. Is information on them available?

  31. Toozman says:

    Very cool Mixup. That first cabin looked almost intact for a good hunting camp. Although I am sure it's colder than a well diggers behind in winter.

  32. didimitten says:

    It's crazy to think that these places are just abandoned and left alone. Really interesting video. Thanks for sharing!

  33. wowsplat says:

    thanks for letting us tag along on your trip. good video!

  34. Bob Kopchik says:

    Those abandoned sites a awesome. Must of had some interesting characters working and living there. Beautiful country to explore in! Thanks for the video…

  35. vegasfordguy says:

    I really enjoyed this one! There sure is a bunch of great stuff there. Any way that you would tell me where this is located? I would really like to see in person.

  36. SSR KNIVES AND GUNS! says:



    love seeing the old buildings and machinery! Nice video……… do you get a weird connection to the past feeling from these old sites ? Can't explain it but I've always gotten the most incredible satisfaction from touring colonial era homes and mills, churches and things like that……..a familiarity of sorts..a connection.

  38. onlychevys Williams says:

    I've got to get up there some day soon! There ain't nothing like that here in south Fl.