Top 5 Flying Aces of All Time

The creme de la creme of pilots in wars are called aces. Indy flew through our archives and presents you this Top-List of the 5 best aces from previous wars. Did you know any of them? Let us know in the comments below.

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20 Responses to Top 5 Flying Aces of All Time

  1. Abdul Rehman says:

    i am not saying he is the best but he has a world record.
    Mohammad Mahmud Alam, a Pakistani pilot popularly known as MM Alam, while piloting an F-86 Sabre, shot down five Indian war planes in less than a minute during 1965 Pak-India war and altogether, downed nine war planes in the aerial fighting.
    He has not got as many kill as other because he didn't participate in any big war like world war.

  2. The Guy says:

    Deutsche Piloten are the best pilots!

  3. Unitrip says:

    So much wasted potential from 1 & 2…

  4. faheem zia says:

    you might wanna know one more Man regarding this clip
    He definitely gonna change your mind
    name: MM Alam
    kill 5 jets in less then a minute
    Indo Pak war 1965
    make sure you try to reply me

  5. Joshua Line says:

    I have one mini medals knights cross with swords which belonged to Erich Hartman

  6. D;nk says:

    is Erich Hartmannn American

  7. R Nies says:

    Well, this list is nonsense. There are more than one hundred German pilots who were more successful than any other pilots of other nations. Check otherwhere. One example: Hans-Joachim Marseille shot more than 150 british airplanes on the western front in WW II in 2 years. He should have been no 1.

  8. designamk1 says:

    The top 5 aces of all time are all German with the 5th on the list scoring 258 kills

  9. Fisher Cannon says:

    Um Hans Ulrich has over 525 confirmed victories and flew over 1700 missions… Was a Ju 87 Stuka pilot

  10. 306 CHAMPION says:

    The "Red Barron" was shot down by an Aussie.    Sorry Mate

  11. Jörg Zingler says:

    You lie and forge history. Rockets in WWI?

  12. RockRiver 6 says:

    As far as who had achieved the most aircraft shot down during dogfights it was actually the German Luftwaffe during WWII with the top five having over 100 kills each.

  13. Begg1s R says:

    where is Ilmari Juutilainen? He got 94 confirmed kills.

  14. floppybollox3 says:

    No Hans-Joachim Marseille? 158 victories against better trained British pilots compared to Hartmann's mainly Russian opposition.

  15. michael wain says:

    Hartmann must have had more lives than a cat , great respect to the man , however he was very lucky to survive after surrendering to the Americans who then turned him over to the Russians !!!
     Which i find absoulutely crazy !! He should have been afforded more respect as an officer and ace of such distinction !!!
     He spent 10 years as a POW in Russia
    Its also amazing how little there is on the net about him , the greatest ever ace ! His score will never be surpassed , loads of stuff on here about thunderbolt / mustang poilots with 6 kills
    But just shows history is written by the victors , lol

  16. Wakibozu says:

    Alexander Pokryshkin, Richard Ira Bong, Hans-Joachim Marseille, Saburo Sakai, Lydia Litvyak.

  17. .:xXiRONKROSSXx:. says:

    So your talking about Edward Mannock, an ace from WW1, yet you show video of WW2 Typhoons shooting rockets..

  18. wood1155 says:

    Never thumbs down one of your vids. But if you are going to jump to WW2 then you probably should have said Marseille as the "best ace" of all time he shot down 158 planes in a very short time and against basically equal opposition. I think most knowledgeable folks would say this too. The "best" German ace in WW1 may have been Werner Voss. His epic dog fight against 6 or 8 very experienced British pilots is famous.

  19. Bmx123 says:

    What plane is that at 0:26

  20. Henry D says:

    Sadly only Jesus Christ had more books writing about him , the Red Baron is most famous ace of all time. Top ace is Hartmann with 352 victories , all the top scoring aces are German period. Rene was the top "allied " ace of all time. Need to get off your English  high horse and get the facts right.