Treasure Hunting America EP106 Part1
Episode features Sue Sallee of Lake Havasu City. She’ll take us out into the Arizona desert to prospect for Gold. She’ll show us her large nugget collection and meteorites she’s found over the years. Episode will also feature Jeri Markinson who hunts the shores and waters of Lake Havasu for jewelry and sunglasses left by the tourists. She’ll also share about her gold prospecting and meteorites.
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20 Responses to Treasure Hunting America EP106 Part1

  1. Shawn32671 says:

    you made an oxymoron here, you say it isnt precious but we made it precious, so its therefor precious lol

  2. christian sadousky says:

    Where's my X-Ray hack?

  3. Sico says:

    my life long dream is finding a meteorite

  4. ryannlag says:

    @kalargyi See… you haven't a clue! Its not about MONEY, its about enjoying a hobby!!

  5. Lonnie Robinson says:

    @killerhook07 Spot on baby or dude 🙂

  6. killerhook07 says:

    @dunnskies1 Actually, outerspace exists inside us, and we inside it.

  7. OakRidgePrimitives says:

    Im 17 and am fascinated by history and collect anything form coins to rocks…I feel it is unfortunate I dont know many people my age who enjoy this hobby but I know I will never get bored of it!

  8. GEODetecting says:

    I love this!!! I find Treasure all the time…

  9. kalargyi says:

    @Jerbod2 being a heat casualty may cost your life. we got 17 heat cat. yesterday, from standing in the sun for over 35 mins. and they were all army soldiers.

  10. Manny Calavera says:

    @kalargyi @kalargyi It's a hobby – its not for a living.

  11. kalargyi says:

    just get a day job that pays well, you will surely earn more than what the crap worth.

  12. TheTreadmill247 says:

    @highenergyog have you ever found anything?

  13. TheTreadmill247 says:

    @highenergyog have you ever found anything?

  14. d3tach3d says:

    @schlimschlam1 dont you mean Multiverse?

  15. d3tach3d says:

    @dunnskies1 if our planet came from outer space, then where is it now? Durp…

  16. highenergyog says:

    I am a Canadian finder, i've been finding wonderfull items and treasures for the most of my 50 plus years of life, it's a pleasure to watch your videos. Thanks, Lloyd.

  17. allthatluv99 says:

    @gix500 Alot depending on what you find.

  18. thirdphaseofmoon says:

    Love this show from the Bottle Hunters of Hawaii

  19. treasurefindermd says:

    Nice, this is my dream to find something in the desert…

  20. SPIKEYQWERTY says:

    this woman is awesome!

    man..i wonder if theres any chick out there…my age… like her :))