Turbine Powered Jet Boat Fast Fast Fast Mark Cromie

Turbine Powered Jet Boat Fast Fast Fast Mark Cromie

Testing of the new Turbine powered Jet Boat on Lake Karapiro New Zealand with Mark Cromie.

wowww 650hp lol

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32 Responses to Turbine Powered Jet Boat Fast Fast Fast Mark Cromie

  1. Susan Vue says:

    Looks like tremendous fun.

  2. Jack Brewer says:

    I've been faster in a Forced Induction BBF stroker powered V-drive . 134 MPH @ Lake Oroville in Northern California. And the boat had some left to give. Owner took it easy on me and claimed a 161 MPH recorded Top Speed

  3. beauknowz says:

    Imagine this set up with a surface drive!?!?

  4. max maximillion says:

    Nice !!

  5. William Thurman Spriggs says:

    How many horsepower does the engine develop?

  6. INGRACEify says:

    Wait a second I know that engine sound

  7. dave smith says:


  8. Kurtis Lee says:

    Bad Ass …. But is that impeller rpm … cause it sounds like that tubine is spiining at like a gazillion rpms

  9. Chadwik74 says:

    Looks pretty damn real to me!

  10. nzwill121 says:

    lol whats fake about it mate

  11. adam geary says:


  12. Kelly Chandler says:

    LOVE IT!!!!

  13. Justin Watson says:

    The video would be a lot better if that guy wasn't talking in the background

  14. MC 2 says:

    that guy on the deck sounds like a punk,wana be boss..

  15. Deadpool says:


  16. James Greenman says:

    Miss geico in background

  17. teddy ballback says:

    ya know ya don't have to have such a big ass gas hog motor to go fast sure its awesome but one run in that thing will run you at least 200 in gas on the water every hour or two isn't worth it to me shit my boat has a mercruiser 4 banger and it will run 70 and that's freaking fast on water and dangerous

  18. Offshorejojo Jo Jo says:

    Cool !I got  1969 18' Sanger not as loud!!

  19. fly “flywayne61” wayne says:

    Lose the header extensions

  20. XLR82TheMAX says:

    I really liked your clip.

  21. whitroc01 says:

    Anyone know what model hull this is?

  22. Iman M H says:

    put your ears next to the exhaust and that's loud…

  23. ChiefJustice Middleton says:

    Stupid ass loud crap, put some super traps on it at least

  24. Rolands Strods says:

    baigi labi

  25. chippyjohn1 says:

    what a tease, lets hear it at WOT

  26. allwaysneedinit says:

    Now thats an attention getter right there makes my pee pee tickle

  27. clinton gillmore says:

    The jet is the blue thing in the water.

  28. NJ Donzi says:

    Man that thing sounds great!!!

  29. bigt86gn says:

    well sounds good to me

  30. myles balkom says:

    i see a boat but not jet

  31. 1bad500r says:

    Good guess pole smoker.

  32. Marc Somers says:

    pretty much what i thought you were going to say