Ultralight Trike flying around Hot Air Balloons

George and I flew around the hot air balloons at Lake Havasu. This is the 6th Havasu Balloon Festival. Hundreds of beautiful balloons launched from the island in the morning and evening.

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12 Responses to Ultralight Trike flying around Hot Air Balloons

  1. TomVaillencourt says:

    This is awesome!!

  2. Patrick Downs says:

    Really cool! Are these safe? No ailerons, but no problem?

  3. DrCuliflor says:

    Nice video!

  4. Jozinko101 says:

    Great video Henry! You had to be very careful, because there was a big difference between your and balloons speed…

  5. Jan aaj1an says:

    Where is this? (great footage)

  6. Scott Williams says:

    Beautiful Henry. Thank you.

  7. Leo Iezzi says:

    What a great event Henry! I can't wait to go back next year!

  8. 2243cowboy says:

    Thanks for posting Henry

  9. ttabbs says:

    Henry – how many cameras are you running these days?

  10. CCMachinist says:

    nice flight.

    is that 2 Cellos music?

    it's good flying music

  11. Vernon W says:

    Another great video Henry.  I noticed quite a few ballonist low toward the lake.  What was up with that?  Expensive aircraft could be lost if your burners fail.

  12. bennylandron says:

    Beautiful Henry! As usual.