World’s Best Bartender :)
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19 Responses to World’s Best Bartender :)

  1. NERF VS says:

    America needs this guy!!

  2. SkullHead Oliva says:


  3. jhonathan ferreira macedo says:


  4. Nguyển Đạt says:

    what song?

  5. Kira Cattan says:

    Seriously? I'd pay the extra bucks to have a guy make a drink for me with that much flair. He's awesome and has created something interesting out of a mundane job of bartending. Keep it rockin.

  6. Sovereign says:

    Anyone know what remix of smells like teen spirit that is cause i cant seem to find it.

  7. chris wright says:

    Bald judge needs a new pair of pants,

  8. Matthew Davey says:

    eh hes alright i guess hes a professional and this video claims hes the best i expected something insane.
    Watching tiger woods hit a ball into a hole was more enjoyable.

  9. Michael Goble says:

    Dammit now my drinks warm, guy:why. Me: I asked for it 20 minutes ago and u go ale shit flipping it around

  10. 16 bitdefender says:

    So he can juggle…

  11. justcausebroz2 TM says:

    umm yeah i preffer my drinks shaken now

  12. Mahendra Jogani says:

    Awesomely awesome…..amazing…

  13. RDlin Dan says:

    whats the first song

  14. Axay says:

    im sure all russians can do this.

  15. Josefsson9013 says:

    So he's a juggler?

  16. Kian Hodge says:

    Just give me my drink that's all I want geez

  17. Otso Klemola says:


  18. M&B says:

    what's the music please ?

  19. Black White says:

    The bartending make up for the cheesy music