10 Fastest Things In The World

Top 10 People, vehicles, animals and things with the fastest speed in the world.
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Humans are obsessed with speed. Throughout our history it seems like we have been trying to make everything go faster. In a way, this is because we naturally love to push the boundaries of what is possible and break old records. The fastest cars, planes, rockets and people – these are just a few examples of how we use science and technology to improve performance. We can also be lazy and impatient and this too drives our desire to make things faster. However, we can see this with fast-food, fast delivery and even faster internet. In the wild, we are fascinated with the fastest as well. The cheetah is nowhere near the fastest animal on the planet, but we love focusing on its speed and most of us grow up picturing the spotted cat when we think of quick animals. Yes, we are speed obsessed.
Our love of things that are ‘the biggest’ or ‘the fastest’ naturally results in us constantly ranking things against one another. Birds, buildings, cars, trains, fish, insects, – look up specifications and characteristics of anything man-made or in the wild and there is usually a speed rating or ranking given to it. This video provides a perfect example of our love of classifying things as the fastest. As you’ll see, it seems like we’ll rank almost anything when it comes to speed. From animals in the wild to experimental vehicles to seemingly mundane forms of daily transportation, everything has a speed.

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Fastest Train
Fastest Elevator
Fastest Car
Fastest Manned Aircraft
The Fastest Fish
Fastest Humans
Fastest Animal
Fastest Boat
Fastest Roller Coaster
The Fastest Submarine

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