10 Viral Things You don’t Know Behind Ring of WWE

10 Viral Things You don't Know Behind Ring of WWE

Professional wrestling is a tough business. Even though pro wrestling is scripted, they still take bumps that hurt every week and sometimes even every day for those that make a living on the independent circuit. As a result, they often find themselves taking pain killers to deal with the pain from bumps. They then start to work, but only for a small period of time. That's where addiction comes on. They're taking these pain killers again and again and again until they lower their life expectancy and die young. Steroids could also be another reason. The truth is that professional wrestling is dominated by the physically strong, so there is a lot of pressure for these dudes to be strong. To become stronger, many wrestlers often mix steroids with their workouts. The problem is though that steroids are not good for the human body. While they do help you become stronger, they have other side effects that can lower life expectancy. That's often what happens with these wrestlers when they reach their middle ages. They die young. That's why I personally think it's better to make a name for yourself and try to retire as early as you can like Stone Cold Steve Austin or The Rock. In actual sports, players usually retire in their late 30s or early 40s. Maybe wrestlers should start doing that too for their own health and safety.
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