15 Minute Beginner Flexibility Routine! (FOLLOW ALONG)

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Chuki Beats


Intro: 2BAD – Space Cake [FSTU Release]


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    18 Responses to 15 Minute Beginner Flexibility Routine! (FOLLOW ALONG)

    1. Matthew K. says:

      I was able to touch my toes after doing this routine lol

    2. John Allen says:

      Well here's the first problem…cant sit with my leg folded

    3. Evangeline Williams says:

      Love, love, love it. It got my heart pumping. I'm hooked.

    4. Mary Hyacinth Silva says:

      I think HE LOOKS LIKE A BULKIER MORE MATURE TOM HOLLAND. hahha no? Just me? ok.

    5. Renato Marino says:

      his arms are long af, mf walks arround scratching his knees

    6. Zakaryae MAZOUZI says:

      Thanks 13 November 2019

    7. Nathan Rhodes says:

      I have degenerative disc disease and this flexibility routine gives me instant relief from back pain. I try to do it twice a day.

    8. J C says:

      Love this stretch routine. Thank you!

    9. Kalahandi Khoj says:

      Thanks Tom for sharing such nice stretching exercises…..I feel free and my stuff muscle are getting flexible slowly after 3 days of exercises…
      Thanks again

    10. Green Skull Gaming says:

      nice blue underwere

    11. jormapeikko says:

      Too gay

    12. Zakaryae MAZOUZI says:

      Thanks again

    13. Andreia Santos says:

      Any movement:
      My body: Crackkkk, krrrrrr

    14. Marissa Zerod says:

      I can't squat down that low without my ankles coming off of the ground. if I lower my ankles to the ground I lose my balance and fall backwards 🙁

    15. Josh L says:

      left hip is tighter on 9:00 exercise.

    16. 8536 Subs With No Videos says:

      1:59 what if you’re to stiff to sit on your knees lmao

    17. Palla di Lardo says:

      "okay this is stretching for beginners,everyone would be able to do this"
      Starts to do flying backflips

    18. DENNIS MURIGU says:

      This routine opens up everything amazing work man.