2003 Seadoo Utopia M2 Jet Drive Lubrication

M2 Jet Drive on many Seadoo boats require annual maintenance. Parts and tools needed are metric socket set, large flat head screwdriver, 1/4 Allen key, two bottles of Mercury Premium gear lube, Hand pump, oil drain pan, and medium loctite.

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    6 Responses to 2003 Seadoo Utopia M2 Jet Drive Lubrication

    1. Greg Kennedy says:

      I am told you can service the stator without removing it from the boat….remove the drain and fill plugs then stick a long hose down the drain hole to get any remaining fluid

      also you can speed of the draining process for the gear case by gently blowing some compressed air in the vent hole (hole closest to the side of the pump) or it can take forever

    2. Doha Man says:

      I have Islandia 2003 ,i have used a vacuum pump with a hose to suck all lube from the stator without a need of disassembling it.

    3. Qatari Man says:

      You dont need to dismantle statir
      Just vaccuum it with any vacc machine thru an empty plastic bottle and thin hose

    4. Qatari Man says:

      Unplug 2 stator screws
      Connect a straw or tube to vaccum cleaner and let it suck all oil
      I tried it
      10 mnts work

    5. Felix Montanez says:

      I am in a great need to have some one to help me with this maintenance. how I know if the bearing are good or the seals

    6. BMJAUDI says:

      You didn’t even go over the process for refilling the stator