2017 Kawasaki SX-R On The Water

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pquK5cGsgKU?rel=0&w=854&h=480]

2017 Kawasaki SX-R On The Water

Featuring the release of the 2017 Kawasaki SX-R Jet Ski with riding footage and comments from designers and professional riders.
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    20 Responses to 2017 Kawasaki SX-R On The Water

    1. Frame To Film says:

      Ill take two of these thanks.

    2. Tanasi Tim says:

      No Brap ??

    3. Twast Twoncingham says:

      The new SX-R is awesome. Perhaps it's not the best freestyle/freeride ski but for racing, it's phenomenal! My buddies and I encountered one at the river a few weeks ago and it smoked all of ours… not to mention that all of our skis push almost 60mph. It might be heavy, but certainly fassst!

    4. saxarra43 says:

      I work at a kawasaki dealership, this thing is a pig. If you want a boat, buy it, or be a real stand up rider and get a superjet.

    5. Josh Domoslai says:

      bad ass…whats the gas milage like on these things. Like if you take one to the river and cruise around how long an you ride for?

    6. SAM T says:

      This is not the same stand up, it's basically an ultra Jetske without the seat. Seriously a four-cylinder 1.5 L engine? LOL, The original standups we're almost 2 feet shorter than this thing and came with a light for 440or 550cc engine. The best example of this was the SXR 800 which the EPA killed… The same EPA that forced Ford to produce those eco-boost i.e. turbo charged gas engines which are garbage. If they wanted to stick to that same cheat theme then Kawasaki could've came out with a lightweight two cylinder 4 stroke turbo or supercharged engine and a shorter hull… at least something like that the enthusiast of the original standups could get behind. Just my opinion anyway, still looks like a fun machine but nothing close to the original standups.

    7. Peter Hartman says:

      370 pounds dry. How does that even float? That is going to be over 400 pounds once it has fuel, oil and cooling it.

    8. Celestia T. says:

      Amazing. Unfortunately it's really expensive to import in France…

    9. MoralConflict says:

      What did he say?
      Who fucking knows.

    10. WANNA GET LUCKY says:


    11. WANNA GET LUCKY says:


    12. WANNA GET LUCKY says:


    13. Cale Phillips says:

      A 1500cc four stroke in a stand up. A brick on water… no thanks

    14. Gardum says:

      The four strokes definitely sound way better than the noisy Two Strokes :).
      I ride my Yamaha FX-SHO at the beach near home and people are always surprised how quiet it is compared to the Pole Skis.
      They say quite surprised is that a four stroke engine when they see me take off for the first time as you can hear straight away the difference between the two engines.
      My SHO is Supercharged as well so miles more HP and so little noise it's a win for everyone.
      Same as the Kawasaki Supercharged Skis very quite stock and with minor mods.
      It's not till the rear exhaust mods that they get a little louder.
      I think this new Kawasaki Pole Ski is way to powerful for me these days, 60mph standing is at 62 years of age a possibility of pain 🙂
      I got my old 550sx to 55mph and boy did it feel like walking on ice so unstable, but was also 30 years younger at the time 🙂
      Sit downs for me these days at a nice leisurely 80 mph tops 🙂

    15. Powersport Dude says:

      I like it I am looking for a left over one at a dealer right now

    16. 13antoanto says:

      yea lets make a stand up boat … lol lol lol lol lol

    17. Jack Lougheed says:

      They should make one that’s narrower, and shorter in length and height. Also smaller i2 motor. Light and spunky

    18. red7fifty says:

      That's all you had to say…."BadAss".

    19. Raul Lopez says:

      can anybody let me know the price of one of this?

    20. Mr. Ws6 says:

      Gen 1 Kawasaki X2 for life! The real dirtbike on water. Not to big not to small. fun ride, can carve buoys, fling it around, motorcross oriented design. Gen 2 X2 was a flop because it was to big and to heavy just like the sxr1500. It's a boat. Bring back the skis that you and a friend can pick up and toss in back of the truck. Gen 3 Kawasaki X2 should be gen 1 in size carbon hull with a v bottom with the sxr800 motor and weigh no more than 260-280lbs from factory. Any new rider trying to ride a stand up going over 50mph and falls off is about to endure some harsh pain so making these from factory to do 60mph is non sense. Stock ski from factory with no modifications, 45mph is perfect off show room floor and leave the aftermarket world open for making go faster parts to put on it once your experience expands. So build the motor (crank/arms/etc) to withstand way more power than stock form for the aftermarket parts. Very simple and market the heck out of stand ups. Bring back the crowd because it's a insanely fun sport for fit people but only a handful of people only know what a standup jetski is. My friends ride mine and their minds are blown because all they know is the big sitdown skis because there is no marketing for them.