I Bought My Brother His DREAM JETSKI (2020 SeaDoo)

Brodie Moss buys his brother and family a brand new 2020 Sea Doo Fish Pro Jet Ski but it doesn’t go liked planned at all!

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    17 Responses to I Bought My Brother His DREAM JETSKI (2020 SeaDoo)

    1. Jesse Sanchez says:

      What type of glasses are those?

    2. ADezii says:

      I cringed watching him drive in such shallow water

    3. A day in the life says:

      You pose like a tough aussie yet you sound like a whiney baby beta male.

    4. Jeffery Chavez says:

      What’s the name of the spear gun used in this video please?

    5. esa saja says:

      Fire good gaehe

    6. Olle Högberg says:

      That's not a dadbod, that's a father figure!

    7. Esmirno Velazquez says:

      Typical Sea doo.. they are so unpredictable. Reason I rather Yamaha 1000% over Seadoo

    8. Jean-Pierre Luca says:

      Hi guys I’m just new here and really think you site is awesome and fun and love the adventure just one point are you filming your clips in w.a.??

    9. Lukas Sundelin says:

      My heart when you drove to near land and sucked up that sand

    10. Virtually Glace DG says:

      Impeller.exe has stopped working

    11. Pablo Lopez says:

      Common that's jetski cast half now running on the sand

    12. Anam khairul says:

      nyc jet ski. from Bangladesh with love

    13. daniel says:

      Bruh, I would not be on a jetskii with a tiger shark, much less chase it, much much less try to fish it, much much much less get in the water with a harpoon and chase it again this man crazy

    14. Jeff Wilson says:

      You don’t want sand in that jet drive mate!

    15. Stanley Becenti says:

      Why does your face look so pale like that

    16. YBS Youngbloods says:

      dad bod won't admit it but he cried for sure haha cheers YBS fam you made this happen!