250 Supercars arriving to Exotic car toy rally 2013 Miami. The World’s Best Supercars Drive By

On Saturday, December 7, 2013, the 8th annual “South Florida Exotic Car ‘TOY RALLY’, to benefit Toys for Tots” (aka “Toy Rally”) once again ‘took to the streets’ for charity, as one of the largest processions of exotic cars and one of the most anticipated exotic car events in the country!!!

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In this video you see some very good looking and good sounding exotic cars like the new Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4, Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale, Jaguar F-Type R Coupé and Lexus LFA!

Which car in this video is your favorite? I can’t choose between the Challenge Stradale and LFA…
What would be your choice? Let me know in a comment!

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    38 Responses to 250 Supercars arriving to Exotic car toy rally 2013 Miami. The World’s Best Supercars Drive By

    1. 이형한 says:

      last 918

    2. jbods1998 says:

      why does it always have to be balding, middle-aged fat guys who own such beautiful cars?

    3. Jasmin Topcic says:

      tje last peugeot cabrio 306 is the best :D

    4. Kazam says:

      9:23 best one

    5. Jacob CM says:

      great videos!

    6. MrDpcmode says:

      Aston Martin on 6:44. Which model?

    7. Jake Woodbury says:

      The lamest car here is the R8 lmao and he got a fucking kid in there

    8. 200 % says:

      the jaguar f-type sound is amazing

    9. David Bajus says:

      There is a hard to choose between 11 ferrari for a best car in video, but for sure, I know that the worse is a R8.

    10. Aditya Rifqi says:

      See On 2:38 , What the brand and type ?

    11. Turbo Snail says:

      Lambo sounds the best!!! Btw American cars are shit, Tesla fans are faggots!!! :)

    12. GAME VIC - Minecraft PE says:

      That Peugeot is just perfect. :)))))))))

    13. TechMania ManiaHD says:

      what porsche is @ 6:55 ?

    14. Bram Sanders says:

      I know the man in the 918 spyder i also driven in that one

    15. Nico ytb says:

      7:08 : LOL

    16. Exposure says:

      I came for the peugeot!

    17. ace gaming says:


    18. BlowingMonkey says:

      LFA <3

    19. Wolfren Lupus says:

      I would choose the F-type I love the crackle

    20. korey sager says:

      huracan or jaguar they sound the best

    21. Nicu Zafiu says:

      250 Supercars arriving to Exotic car toy rally 20…: http://youtu.be/w1pKMVX3FY4

    22. oskarsbmx says:

      I think I've seen that yellow Viper in NYC few times.

    23. Вадим Дзайнуков says:
    24. Chad R. Turner says:

      Make it a great day! Feel free to reach out and connect with me if you desire to communicate. Cheers!

    25. Sarita Mimo says:

      Awful supercars colirs

      Awful Supercars Colors (سوبركارز بألوان غريبة): http://youtu.be/QQ-Ywo3umbk

    26. DJrodesi says:

      Anyone notice the corvette cop car in the background 

    27. Onur 87 says:


    28. John Doe says:

      Lmao what is a Nissan 370Z doing there?

    29. Alyssa Agustin says:

      Supercars in my country:  http://youtu.be/OR4oFub2dEI

    30. Ronald Woodgett says:


    31. Arthur Z says:

      Everyone kinda has the same car with a different color and rim package. Kinda boring infact. Let see some real cars with individuality. Nice vehicles non the less, just wtf is different?

    32. Miguel Martinez says:

      Those cars are really cool.My favorite was the ford gt,dodge viper,and the Lamborghini Gallardo

    33. Andrew Bills says:

      I would probably crash the viper, or get caught by the police doing 170

    34. Aaron McConkey says:

      you guys love it that most of you commenters wont ever get there:) YAY FREE MARKETS

    35. Kyle Patterson says:


    36. World of Exotic Cars says:

      Visit our website!

    37. Daniel Vera says:

      no bugatii putos