5SOS – If You Don’t Know (Lyrics)

5 Seconds of Summer – If You Don’t Know (Lyrics)
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    17 Responses to 5SOS – If You Don’t Know (Lyrics)

    1. Arumann Dhillon says:

      Every time i watch a video of 5SOS i sing 'go ahead rip my heart out'

    2. PenguinsAndKoalas says:

      This song is so sad, whenever I'm hurt physically, I have to pee badly, and just liSTENTING TO THIS SONG I HAVE TO PEE

    3. Sierra Wheaton says:


    4. sasha barakat says:

      And in this video we all witness the birth of C-Dizzle

    5. Larry Stylinson shippers unite says:

      I can't let you go your all I have

    6. Vilde Kongtorp says:

      its such a tradegy theres no real version of this song on youtube anymore. this is a slightly sped down version and im kinda crying

    7. Shelleys Art says:

      This is literally the second song I've ever heard from these guys…..its amazing. I'm slowly joining this fandom.

    8. Avianna Chavez says:

      Is this not on any their EP's

    9. alanarich3 says:

      This song ruined me

    10. Katelyn Albright says:

      If Luke didn´t know that I have put everyone on hold just so he will notice my presents. <3

    11. Rayne Randell says:

      why is everyone calling calum asian?

    12. Elizabeth Hood says:

      This song is PERFECTION!!! Calum's solo fucks me up every time. And Luke's voice.. Oh my god. Why isn't this more popular?

    13. Cyprain Boise says:


    14. Freeze Bullying says:

      Go ahead and rip my heart out Luke because that's what loves all about.

    15. rarely rachel says:

      this is my ultimate favorite 5sos song. i don't care what they release, how good it is, i will always, forever, love this song more than anything in the world.

    16. Faiza B says:

      OMG I just do Calum part without stoping and now im dead

    17. Ashley Jade says:

      So I downloaded this song a few months ago and then thought I'd listen to it again. Please tell me, is the song originally this slow? Because the version that I first heard and got to know was at the speed of 1.25 and I honestly think it sounds really good.