7 Million Dollar Carson City Gold Coin and Bullion Treasure Trove Discovery

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The body of Walter Samasko Jr. of Carson City, Nevada was found in
his house several months after having succumbed to a heart issue.
Being a reclusive nobody even noticed he was gone. Besides being a
reclusive, it's reported Mr. Samasko was also a conspiracy theorist,
who distrusted doctors… and apparently banks.
Because, officials found a treasure worth 7 million dollars in gold
coins and bars stored in several boxes marked “Books” stashed in
Samasko's house and garage. Besides the gold bars officials also
found ,000.00 in cash.

Some of the gold coins were minted in the 1840s in Mexico, England,
Austria and South Africa, according to the Associated Press. The
million dollar estimate could climb higher as there is speculation
that some of the coins may be collectible.

Being that Samasko had no will and there are no known close relatives,
officials have settled upon a lucky first cousin who lives in
California and apparently attended the funeral of Samasko's mother way
back in 1992.

At this time there is no information on how Samasko acquired his
wealth, but if you were to get a glimpse at Samasko's bank account
you'd be quite unimpressed as it contained only 0.00

Personally, I bet there may be more gold buried in and around
Samasko's yard. Keeping in mind that Samasko had lived in this same
house since the 1960's. Leave a comment telling me if you believe
there may be more treasure buried on the property and if so, where
you'd search if you were given permission to metal detect Samasko's

This is more of a training video for those of you that have or want to use a Garrett ATX metal detector. The ATX is a Pulse machine and is very different than a normal VLF. I AM NOT A PRO with this detector, and some of the things I do and say may be harebrained. But, you can hear what the machine sounds like and listen to what I hear. Now… get started finding treasure.

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