A Compiled List of the Best Things to Sell at a Flea Market

Flea markets are a great place to find amazing stuff at cheap prices. They are also a sure-shot way of earning extra cash off of the things you don’t need anymore.
However, setting up a shop at a flea market is as hard as it is lucrative. In this video, you will find the things that are commonly sold at these swap meets and how you can make your shop stand out. Here’s your guide on the best things to sell at a flea market and make your sale a success. For more ideas, do visit: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/best-things-to-sell-at-a-flea-market.html

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    9 Responses to A Compiled List of the Best Things to Sell at a Flea Market

    1. Adorn Scott says:

      This will be my first weekend selling at the flee market… I'm a little excited as well as a bit nervous. Thank you for the video, it sure did help!

    2. shar wash says:

      Good luck Adorn Scott!

    3. Drone Veiw says:

      I dis agree with most of what you ideas are in London ont Canada I can't give away half this stuff books are bulky clothing takes up a ton of room please stick with tools gold silver electronics vintage games console knifes

    4. The Big Apple Shopping Bazaar says:

      Hey we're featuring you on our YouTube Channel Give us a shout!!! Keep up the informative videos

    5. LalaCats3 says:

      I can never get through a video that has a canned voice — too fakey.

    6. Hurricane Floyd says:

      Robo voice = AI generated video. AI generated videos exist for ad views and usually contain nothign but generic sometimes useless information. This particular video is of no use to a person wanting serious information. Downvote all robo videos before they consume Youtube.

    7. Herley Taylor says:


      Tatu. ……… NOT tattoo. 4:31

    8. Noe Soto says:

      thank you for the tips

    9. tuneinat says:

      Crap info! No fleamrkt is going to let u vend food & drinks..staples for them..would love to c this stupid sounding robot make a living selling used cloths & books..no real ideas like tools..antiques..sunglasses..jewelry..waste of how many minutes!