Amazing Homemade Clamps.

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I didn’t have any wooden screw clamps, so I pick up a couple 12″ kits from Jorgensen and built my own. Very functional build and a little cheaper than buying them completed. The instructions were very clear, but a little difficult to read. In other words, the information is all there, it’s just a little jumbled. The core is made from 2 pieces of 3/4″ Baltic Birch Plywood and the sides are made from what I think is Cherry. More info found at my website, links below.

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    20 Responses to Amazing Homemade Clamps.

    1. jeff oldham says:

      I believe I had rather buy them!!!

    2. brooke hyde says:

      Yeah I can do that with a hammer and a miter box

    3. R. Hill says:

      Love This Video

    4. mcorrade says:

      this is great! Unfortunately I can't find the kits anywhere. There currently unavailable on Amazon

    5. Whosayin says:

      Soo we need clamps for making clamps

    6. karlheinz gmeilbauer says:


    7. Liberty Warrior says:

      Wow, you work fast, you need to cut down on the meds.

    8. Wayne K says:

      Those are great! Is that hardware in a kit? If so where did you get them?

    9. Neil Mair says:

      Great video, but you can you tell me why the holes for the thread need to be elongated like that. As you can probably tell I've never used these so have no clue. Thanks

    10. Subtly Agressive says:

      Love the Brain It On theme 😉

    11. Vaney Rio says:

      Look at all the advanced tools I need to make a basic tool… Especially clamps to make clamps

    12. Destitute says:

      Left hand all thread rods and cross dowels are available in bulk. A motivated person could make a lot of those clamps.

    13. William Howard says:

      how much did the clamp kit cost?

    14. oloff says:

      un truc plus nul a regarder ça n'existe pas, complètement débile

    15. oloff says:

      un truc plus nul a regarder ça n'existe pas, complètement débile

    16. Mike France says:

      Can someone show how they did this in 1800?

    17. david g says:

      Where did you buy the hardware for the clamps?

    18. Dustin Penner says:

      If you enjoyed this video, consider checking out my Patreon page. Lots of perks, early access to my videos and no ads! Thanks!

    19. Nader Fawzy says:


    20. Carlos Filho says:

      I already see this video here