Are Salvage Title Vehicles Worth Buying to Flip?

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Jason’s question was, “Are rebuilt (salvage) titles worth the investment? Why or why not?”

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    6 Responses to Are Salvage Title Vehicles Worth Buying to Flip?

    1. Rodney Marsh says:

      A lot of salvage vehicles are scrapped because of the cost of overkill in repair work. instead of using junk yard parts they use new dealer parts(overpriced).

    2. Leroy Hilliman says:

      How long it take u to get appointment

    3. Tumdéaux says:

      I'll only consider a Salvage if and only if the vehicle is a highly sought after model, like a Corvette or Land Cruiser. If I can get a 2 yr old $60K vehicle for 20K and add $8K in repair, sell for 40K. Then its a bargain.

    4. Ty Taylor says:

      I was on the app Letgo looking for a vehicle. I came across a listing for a Grand Cherokee. When I clicked on the link and it opened, to much my surprise it was my Jeep that was totaled in 2012. I recognized it from the damage to the driver's side that occurred during the accident. The individual selling it had it advertised as running smoothly with a clean title. I contacted them about the Jeep and they finally admitted they bought it with the damage to the driver's side but claim they bought it from an individual with a clean title. I don't understand how this is possible.

    5. david murillo says:

      Buy a accident car is possible from individuals only if they don’t claim to the insurance companies or they don’t have insurance during the accident so sometimes people just sell the cars as is with clean title that easy could be a total loss or salvage title but yes there are too many people who own expensive cars but with no good insurance or with non insurance and they just want some money back so whoever bout it fix it and sell it as a clean title

    6. Jon Garcia says:

      I flip salvage cars all day everyday. I would never buy a clear title ever again in my life.