Arizona Man Dies After Trying Trump-Suggested Coronavirus 'Cure' | NowThis

A man is dead after Pres. Trump inaccurately suggested using chloroquine to treat COVID-19.
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In US news and current events today, a man died after listening to Trump’s bunk medical advice. President Trump suggested that Chloroquine could be used to treat COVID-19, despite multiple medical officials warning against self-medication.

An Arizona husband & wife watched Trump’s press conference and discovered they had chloroquine phosphate for their fish tank. They ingested a small amount as a way to prevent the coronavirus. Within 20 minutes, they were both violently ill. The husband died shortly after arriving at the hospital and the wife is currently in the Intensive Care Unit. Dr. Fauci, a member of the COVID-19 Task Force, says there’s ‘no magic drug.’ But Trump says this unproven drug should be put in use immediately.

There’ve been nearly 50k U.S. cases of COVID-19 & more than 500 deaths. As of March 24 2020, there is no cure for the novel coronavirus.

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It’s hard to escape news on the Coronavirus and get sucked in by the latest updates. The fear and anxiety levels are high. People are getting sick. We have gone into self-quarantine, canceled events, canceled travel, work from home, look suspiciously at anyone who sneezes or coughs. When I sneeze, I look up coronavirus symptoms on Google. Is it like Ebola, Zika virus, Parainfluenza, h1n1 virus?

It is a viral infection and an airborne disease that we need to take serious precautions but many people have gone overboard.

Well, the coronavirus has hit home for us. My daughter had it and now my husband has it. They were put into self-quarantine where they are in their own separate room. Self-isolation is one of the ways to contain the disease. We have had to make many adjustments in our routines but so far, I have managed to stay healthy. Today I share some of things we have done to contain the disease so that I have managed to stay healthy (i may be asymptomatic who knows), treat my family members who are sick and create routine so that perhaps if you find you are going through a similar experience you can find ways to treat at home and get through this.

As mentioned in the video:

Check out how elderberry might be helpful to fight the infection

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Hosted by Risa Morimoto
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    37 Responses to Arizona Man Dies After Trying Trump-Suggested Coronavirus 'Cure' | NowThis

    1. Mary Soto says:

      Thank you. I live alone so it is earier. Our senior building is in a lock down.

    2. Norman Cheng says:

      this video is very encouraging !!! Hang in there

    3. deenobrown1 says:

      My son had a fever for three days and a cough. He still has a slight cough, 14 days after first symptoms. I took care of him while we quarantined him in his room. I got sick about 5 days after I started taking care of him. I had a headache, body aches, and sore throat. I felt feverish, but I don’t think I ever got a fever. Those symptoms lasted about 3 or 4 days. I’ve been quarantined in our sun room for the last 9 days. My daughter has Lupus and my wife has an autoimmune disease. I’m hoping they stay safe. I feel nearly 100%, except an occasional dry cough that seems to not want to leave. I’m not sure if I have Covid or not, but I’m staying away from loved ones just in case!

    4. That's What She Reviewed says:

      So you tested positive or you are self diagnosing?

    5. Agatha AM says:

      Thank you for this video. I've seen lots of videos about Covid 19, but they all leave me in a state of panic. Your tips would work even if there is no one infected in their homes but are slightly sick with the flu or cold. My concern as a mother is mostly how to take care of my family at this trying time, and this video helped a lot.

    6. Gorri Thakur says:

      God bless you and ur family

    7. jesbsnrn says:

      Praying for everyone. love you guys

    8. WULD says:

      "Moral of the story: Elderberry syrup, a prime tool in the arsenal against seasonal flu, might not be helpful against this Wuhan coronavirus. Might even make it worse. It’s probably too soon to tell, so keep a watch out for news about a connection.

      "Normally, with flu, elderberry syrup is a positive and helps fight the virus. “Sambucol Elderberry Extract and its formulations activate the healthy immune system by increasing inflammatory cytokine production.”

      "However, “…elderberry also enhances cytokine response, which may not be so good when one of the complications of pandemic influenza is cytokine storm.”

      "And here we have that immune dysfunction also showing up with COVID-19

      “In most moribund [dying] patients, 2019-nCoV infection is also associated with a cytokine storm…"

      From [with more references to the quotes on the site]: https : // survivalblog [dot] com / letter – elderberry – wuhan /

    9. Gerard Vengco says:

      Many thanks for this.

    10. lsman38 says:

      Better to stop the dog. Hong Kong has a case the dog tested with a weak infection. I.e. multiple test on dog mouth have it for days.

    11. Asiya Jabara says:

      Be careful with elderberry during covid19 because it causes a cytokine storm. Vitamin c is best.

    12. sinphoenix says:

      I feel like I have symptoms myself but there isn't enough test kits to go around in my local area. So I just self-quarantine and have the food/grocery guys leave my orders at my door. Thank you so much for these tips.

    13. Christine Leigh says:

      You practice holistic health but you gave fever reducers? There is a lot of research out there showing that we should not artificially reduce the fever with over the counter meds. When you reduce the fever, you take away the body's ability to fight the virus.

    14. safffff1000 says:

      Why reduce the fever? The body makes the fever to heal itself. The higher temp tthe the more the immune system is accelerated and the virus can't take hi temps. For the last 30 yr I took high baths, piled high covers and coats on me and drank lots of fluids. No other meds and the fever usually much reduced 24-48 hr later on it's own. I don't know about corona. Found this. Coronavirus may be killed by a higher body temperature. . British Medical Journal

    15. Azora Ozul says:

      For a few nights now but only for a few nights so far, I would feel an itchy throat and that feel like I need to cough. I am not sure if this is a sign since I have no fever. However, I am bringing this up because when I have the itchy cough feeling, I've rubbed Healing Solutions Frankincense roll-on essential oil on my chest and onto my throat. Within minutes later, the itchiness goes away each time. Perhaps this is helping pushing away whatever virus I may or may not have, but I'm not taking chances. I wanted to mention this to anyone else who may be getting sore throats/itchy coughs and are unsure if they have the virus or not. I hope it helps others as well.

    16. Just Saying says:

      Excellent video, I really appreciate the information you shared.
      Bless you and your family.

    17. marcelino rodriguez says:

      2 of my Coworker has tested positive for covid 19 I myself was not tested but I did get the dry cough, sore throat, a chest burning sensation and a headache but no fever for abt two weeks. I did not go to the hospital because I did not want to take a ventilator from some1 that might need it because of my mild symptoms

    18. Primrose Mpofu says:

      Thank you so much God bless you and your Family.. well detailed

    19. Aqua Starr says:

      This is what happens when you blindly follow a leader who is inept and insane. Let that be a lesson to all you Republicans who follow this dangerous man. Make excuses for him. Hide his corruptness And care more about him than our nation.

    20. Christien du Preez says:

      I listened, and your president only said what was going around. He never said it was a cure, but he said they were looking into it. Stop this damnable slander an d trying to stir up your viewers, as they are already hyperventilating like crazy. Quinine that is used against malaria doesn't harm a person. I live in Africa, and we have to take Quinine whenever we travel to malaria prone places. It is HARMLESS!!!! But FISH TANK CLEANER…….A NO-NO!!!!!

    21. sheela Hales says:

      Why in gods name would you take advice from this jester called the president? REALLY?

    22. William Horton says:

      All of you idiots bashing him. First off the center for disease control lead doctor was standing there. He was basing his statement off of reports on the drug. Secondly just because you know the name of something does not make you an expert. He mentioned it to give hope. Not instructions. The old couple did not know the amount that is safe to take even if it was the exact drug he was speaking of. Medication is governed by an agency for a reason. Stop blaming him for everything.

    23. sk8kevhdf says:

      I dont mean that sarcasticly. I am very sorry for the education system in the USA

    24. Moire De Vos says:

      Increasingly more stupidity in the USA( how the mighty have fallen). Soon they will blame trump for Corona and the rest will be history.

    25. TheFiftyYearOld FourTwentyGamer says:

      Sad that Republicans close themselves off to only one source of information & Republican Media & Politician's have Proven themselves to be Charlatans
      Time to remove Republicans from Any type of Authority & Government Position

    26. マニさん says:

      The Time for people to take these "drugs" was when they were in line at the polling stations about to vote for Trump. Trump's been elected now, so it's too late. I mean, don't get me wrong, if you voted for Trump you can still take his medical advice, in fact I strongly recommend it, but still…too late

    27. Dan Hub says:

      It cured me

    28. Peter McGlothin says:

      I don't know why anyone would even listen to Trump. He knows nothing and at the same time says he knows more than anyone.

    29. Samy Bouzaglo says:

      Maybe Trump is going to tell his supporters to take tidepods next time

    30. Exploration Time says:

      Are you dumb? he said to use it as a treatment not a preventive drug. It's just a option to treat it.

    31. Stone Favrot says:

      Y’all trying to smear this on trump is absolutely laughable. The dumbasses took straight FISH CLEANER. Bruh like how dumb are y’all. Leave that to the doctors JESUS.

    32. Carolyn Deas says:

      They are old. They just wanted to sacrifice themselves for him!

    33. NylonYT says:

      the couple are stupid. they took chloroquine phosphate which is a totally different drug. plus it could have been contaminated with germs and bacteria in the fish cleaner. how stupid are those couples

    34. zakaria nor says:

      no i think trump is not responsible because he is not a doctor…please stop this stupidity i'm not american but i don't like this

    35. Brian Foltz says:

      this is a total lie! the man drank fish tank cleaner!

    36. silverwave 001 says:

      Is there even a corona virus looks like a bunch of crisis actors out there shilling so everyone stays inside in fear of nothing.

    37. M. Garrette says:

      The media needs to blackout this Administration and especially individual-1 for misleading and false information