GOLD FROM PYRITE !!!! How To Do It ..ask jeff Williams

I really enjoy watching Jeff William’s videos. This man knows more about prospecting and finding gold than I could ever learn. Hopefully, I get the chance to go out prospecting like I used to do with my sons many many years ago.

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    20 Responses to GOLD FROM PYRITE !!!! How To Do It ..ask jeff Williams

    1. Springfield Jagger says:

      What it's Galena?

    2. taiming71 says:

      Very cool video Jeff.
      I showed my dad some of your video's he was very impressed he spent last winter just out side of Parker AZ. He and his buddies were cruising around that area on their Razor side by sides. Looking at old mines in the desert.

    3. gerbster14 says:

      What happens to the Zinc that was mixed with the silver.  You reheat it and the Zinc burns up or do you have to skim it off?  Thanks

    4. Seeker says:

      Jeff, I wish you were more animated! LOL

    5. Doug Van Tassell says:

      If only that was platinum bars!!

    6. coryreview says:

      I lived in front of an old silver mine in the Calico Mountains (CA) All the silver ore you can haul and no one to stop you. I assume my problem is yours as well. The process is more costly than the pure silver (plus time and labor) that you get out of it. That leaves you one opportunity left….making cool Macgyver forges in your back yard possibly inches away from a gas line and then posting them on you tube!! #wewillalllooklikeslimsoon

    7. James Akeson says:

      I feel like this is what how to basic sounds like with audio

    8. MrMeat42 says:

      Thank you Yosemite Sam

    9. Ace Rimmer says:

      Whats galena?

    10. theguardianss11 says:

      hey jeff what would you recommend using to keep silver from burning off when melting?

    11. sfbfriend says:

      Hey Fool, does silver only run in Galena? You also said without using Nitric, if you used nitric would you dissolve the galena in nitric then do a element transfer using copper to get the silver? That actually seems to me to be an easier process if that is the case! The Parkes process is a lot….FYI…I really don't think you a fool, you know more than I…LOL

    12. housemonkeychill says:

      I love silver 1oz coins. maybe you should mint some silver coins could be quite fun and I'd buy 1 or 2 of you.

    13. Mike Domee says:

      2016 were do I buy ur pay dirt Jeff lets go

    14. Mike Domee says:

      will wood work as well Jeff

    15. Mike Domee says:

      way don't u say lets gold

    16. gta 12345 (der fuhrer) says:

      3:09 now thats the devils fire

    17. Chris Ralph says:

      Hi Jeff: You lost the bottom of your iron pan because galena – once it melts – reacts with iron to release lead. Like this: PbS (Galena) + Fe (metallic iron) = FeS (pyrite) + Pb (metallic lead). Also, the stuff skimmed off the lead is a silver – zinc alloy. Zinc metal, when fresh, is pretty silver looking. After it oxidizes it turns gray. There are processes to separate the zinc out of the silver and get a fairly pure silver, but just re-melting the zinc-silver wont do it. In theory, muratic (hydrochloric) acid will dissolve the zinc but not the silver. With the Parkes process industrially, they heat the alloy in a vacuum and distill off the zinc – but that's not something an individual prospector would be able to do. It would be interesting to see if your bar bubbles in hydrochloric acid. – Chris Ralph

    18. JUSTACHIPN says:

      Profit -$50 bucks+ lol

    19. ch .kuhn says:

      Jeff…with the gold ratio currently over 80/1 price wise….but still is in the ground at somewhere between 8 to 12/1…Silver probably not that bad of a plan…

    20. Angel Mackinnon says:

      You're trying to sound like the epic mealtime guys, you just need the bacon strips!