Bartending Tips | Bartenders Guide | – Expert bartending tips from Jason Griffin, inventor of the Quick Strain Tin. Jason is an award winning, bartending professional with over 12 years of experience. Check back for more videos in the bartender guide series
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Are you planning on making a career out of bartending? Here is some advice on things to do now to accelerate you career.
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    29 Responses to Bartending Tips | Bartenders Guide |

    1. Rita Doyle says:

      Awesome , Chris! 

    2. Jeff Sherman says:

      I've been a bartender for 2 weeks now and I'm already bored with making simple drinks. Any advice on how to convince my manager to let me make drink specials like they do daily with food? And then where should I start?

    3. Lindsay Rickman says:

      I dig the positivity. Respect to co-workers, right on.

    4. Han Solo says:

      Thank you!!!!! Been thinking about bartending for about a year now, great video to push me in the right direction

    5. dubsidious says:

      I'm a new bartender at a restaurant that I have been working at for a few years… new to the craft, love the pointers!! Keep it up!

    6. Carlotta Greathouse says:

      Thanks for the information. Excited and looking forward to my new career.

    7. Peter Guerra says:

      What a great video, I've been a "turn and burn " club style bartender but I'm the last two and a half years have been getting into classic cocktails and craft bartending. Definitely agree with respect of those around you and having knowledge of your product, along with great relationships of those in the hospitality network. I will certainly check out the the United bartenders guild, hopefully there's one in Los Angeles. Thanks for the tips!. This motivates me to get involved in programs like ' bar smarts'. Cheers!

    8. Bio - Vita says:

      …and buy this Old Book – 1956 The Art Of Mixing Drinks

    9. Anthony Elskens says:

      Looks good, follow me on instagram for some amazing cocktails !!

    10. Jessy Mello says:

      i don't understand everything cuz i speack portuguese but i have 21 and im a girl… i was thinking about become a bartender cuz i like drinks and stuff… i also like the bar places…have a lot of style and stuff like tat it's really nice… but i dunno how it is as being a bartender girl…and im a bit tall…plz if someone can respond i would be happy

    11. Brady Lang says:

      It's just that simple!

    12. SkullFace says:

      the word "bartender" i think was called that way in time of wild west. There knew to happen shootouts in the Saloons. So the bartenders there invented a "BARricade" between guests and them so there the bottles wouldn't break by some accident if someone pushed a bottle or took a bottle to smack someones head.
      That is what I heard from my professor in school.
      Just wanted to share this story with you. 🙂
      It is a legend, not an actual story; something similar to the "Cocktail" story

    13. Chris Turley says:

      you're a beast at tending dude, thanks for the vid

    14. Paxton Collins says:

      Holy shit! Is that Remy Martin on the back bar?

    15. Clifford McEachin says:

      This has been the greatest thing ever. I start school very soon.

    16. ambdance00 says:

      I don't like how he tries to up sell the more expensive liquors. Most people at bars will request a more expensive liquor while ordering, and if they don't, they just want the liquor from the well. The wells' liquors are cheaper, and that gives the bartender more opportunity for tips and the customer is happier about the cheaper price 

    17. icebud says:

      I have a couple of questions: 1. Do you ever take multiple drink orders from different people at the same time? If so, how would you organize your glasses w/out forgetting them and getting them mixed up? Secondly, you said another way to remember their drinks is to pour the appropriate juices/sodas in each glass. I know w/the long islands, etc., it's ok to pour the juices in first because it eventually has to get mixed, but in the jack and cokes, rum and cokes, etc., I was always taught to pour the liquor in first, then juice/soda. Does it really matter?

    18. Justin Mitchell says:

      Pretty impressive I work at Olive Graden I'm lucky if I open 10 beers a night

    19. Sam DiRusso says:

      thanks for this. i agree that upselling often won't increase tips but it always makes you look good as an employee if you are bringing in more sales. also sometimes people tip 20% of the bar tab instead of $1 per drink so it def helps.

    20. Flerg3 says:

      woah. I didn't know Philip Michael Thomas circa 1984 tended bar!

    21. LadyP LoverofLife says:

      Thanks for this vid. The money pick up was very smart, yet simple. I am a beginner bartender. I really like that.

    22. vondutchdaddy says:

      Great video! People who are saying they dont see how up selling works for the bartender and it only benefits the company obvious don't work in the industry. The higher the check, the higher the tip. Most tip by percentage. 

    23. SILKE WETTERGREN says:

      well done. I like the memory tips with the money and the drinks

    24. Lexie Hope (S7V7NSWANS) says:

      haha id like to see him put all those beer bottles down after 

    25. D Nice says:

      Thanks for the advice I just got my first bartending job a few weeks ago and its been a little rough

    26. Phaseme0810 says:

      damn that was a great video. i just graduated bartending school and this is the stuff that I was looking for haha. Everyone on youtube wants to show you how to free pour haha. I really thank you for this. Please make more haha.

    27. Rurne says:

      Want to learn how to track drinks? Fucking apprentice out. A one-year Barback probably knows more from no experience to that point, than a recent "mixology" graduate. I used to pop 6 Duvels a run (complete with fluted glasses) and bus two other other tables in the same run, if the waitresses got too overwhelmed (packing 200 into a 180 occupancy makes things snug). If they needed me to pour draught or vodka-crans, okay.

      Otherwise, I just kept stock up to date, washed 200-650 glasses a night, cleaned the bathrooms every hour. "Basic shit," right?

      You can learn basics on running a fast counter/floor more from practical than theoretical. Backs made 20/80 at my last gig: we got no hourly and pooled the 20% of each floor. Then you split that kitty among all the backs. When you're also sometime pouring basic drinks, you learn to hate tenders.

      Also, flair is overrated except in Vegas and Panana, which attract tourists.

    28. ALBERT' Q' says:

      I start my bartending job on Saturday and I have no idea what to do haha

    29. Charlie Jones says:

      just started in a pub,been told im a natural behind the bar as a peoples person, and not doing to bad, so these tips are handy, cheers