Battle in Seattle (Free Full Movie) Woody Harrelson, Channing Tatum

1947: shortly after the close of World War II, 23 nations signed a general agreement on tariffs and trade, the GATT. Its purpose was to liberalize and expand world trade. Stability, a sense of global community: they were the key. For five decades, the GATT will grow, adding more members and becoming the World Trade Organization. We are writing the constitution for a single global economy. With over 150 member nations, the WTO controls 90% of world trade. Unlike the GATT, the WTO can impose punishing fines on member countries that don't abide by its laws. Along with this expansion of free trade, the WTO avows to help developing countries benefit fully from the global trading system. It has very little to do with trade, and it's certainly not free. It's a system of global governance none of us voted for and none of us control. (man) It simply means breaking down the borders of countries.

So that large corporations will be free to operate anywhere without interference by governments or the people of these nations. And what they are saying is that money values should rule over life values, that human rights and the environment should be subordinated to the needs of commerce.

The clean air rules were gutted. Cases of asthma increased. Genetically modified foods forced onto European consumers. Small-scale banana growers crushed by large corporations. Despite the problems and criticism, the WTO continues to grow, making it more powerful than ever. On the upcoming meeting in Seattle, dubbed the Millennium Round, new issues will be added to the WTO's existing rules. Imposing even tighter corporate control over more areas of our lives. To many, this meeting has become a battle for the future.

All right, here, you take this, man. Jay, she's turtling. Shit. Hold it. Okay, you drop the rope. All right, I'm coming to get you. It's all right. I got you. Not much of a last-minute replacement, am I? No, but you're better-looking than he was. Hey, don't get any ideas. I must have checked everything three times. I never ended up like this before. That's why you got to be a little crazy to take this gig. All right, you're good. Okay, you wait for my signal before we descend, all right? I'm Lou, by the way. Oh. Jay. We better get going before you're eating breakfast in jail. I don't plan on getting arrested until at least tomorrow.

Fuck. Close one. Yeah, real smooth. All right, let's do it. Tomorrow, the World Trade Organization will meet in Seattle. It will be the largest meeting on global trade ever known… Jimmy Hoffa and the labor unions, along with environmentalists and human rights advocates, put together a rally at Memorial Stadium with an estimated 30,000 to 40,000 people. More than 50,000 protestors may be in the streets to demonstrate against the WTO. It's been 30 years since the Democratic convention riots in 1968 pitted police and protestors against each other. But some fear history will repeat itself this week in Seattle as the World Trade Organization prepares to hold it's first-ever ministerial meeting on U.S. soil.

We have identified the subjects of our most recent surveillance photos, and they're not anarchists as we originally thought. All right, so we have a great team of lawyers that are pulling together to help us out on this. It's really important that you call this number. All right, Jay! All right. First one: Django Mills, arrested in four different countries for property damage involving whaling ships and shrimp trawlers. Louise Phillips: burned down her father's animal research lab, although she wasn't formally charged. She has been involved in Black Bloc demonstrations that have turned violent. Samantha Clayton: no criminal record, appears to have studied law, and was involved in the Sequoia Forest legal case back in '98. And last but not least, Jay Elgin. We got 13 major intersections downtown, and each of the affinity groups are gonna shut these areas down. Now, how are we gonna do it? (man) Nonviolently. That's right and by consensus. Jay's brother was killed in the Sequoia Forest demonstration.

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