Behind the Scenes – Hot Air Balloon Rope Swing with Citi® Double Cash Card #incredouble

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Music is called “When The World Begins” by Kyle Andrews
You can download this song in the link below:

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Filmed using the RED Dragon in 6K resolution, Phantom Miro at 1080p, all scaled to 4K, with Glidecam HD 4000 for the stabilizing shots.

RC Aerial Video by CineChopper LLC
You can contact them in the links below! 🙂

Big thanks to our friends at Lake Las Vegas for allowing us to film on their property! Check them out at and checkout their new golf course at

Produced by Seth Jones
Edited by Dakota Walbeck using Adobe Premiere Pro CC

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This is one of the best ways to experience Las Vegas. While the hot air balloons are inflating, you get the opportunity to actually walk inside one of them for a first hand look at their enormous size. Once you’re up in the air you’ll spend a relaxing time drifting through the sky and admiring all of Las Vegas from above. After landing, you’ll enjoy a refreshing champagne toast to wrap up your experience.

Hosted by Niya Nicole
Video Rating: / 5

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    20 Responses to Behind the Scenes – Hot Air Balloon Rope Swing with Citi® Double Cash Card #incredouble

    1. Tayden Wheeler says:

      I have a really good friend that films good videos I was wondering is you wanted to take a look at Barbosa Media Co. love all the vids

    2. maxcam29 says:

      Another great video! You always seem to pull off something great even when one might think that you've done it all! Keep it up! You've never stopped inspiring me.

    3. Deraj Dnarb says:

      Uh, new cameras? Lucky!

    4. MrFynnBoyGamingPro says:

      hmmmm…. why is your shirt blurred, I'm guessing something "Inappropriate"? Dude I'm so curious right now! 😀 

    5. cai bacsal says:
    6. Garret Martin says:

      Can you show us how to get the great shots you get

    7. Break It Loose Media says:

      they had to blure his moobs lol

    8. cai bacsal says:
    9. SirMightyPlays says:

      What Glidecam is that at the beginning? Looks different to me than the HD4000. Smaller head and kinda different handle :)

    10. Parker Media Productions says:

      Why did Burton make you blur yout shirt?

    11. IanDresarie says:

      Why did you censor teh AD on your shirt in the last seconds?

    12. Cj Cavell says:

      why was the top part of his shirt blurred out at the end??

    13. Shgkbf says:

      How many camera have you !?

    14. Carson Zoch says:

      Please do some sort of stunt or anything in houston it would be awesome

    15. Blackjack4141 says:

      I feel bad for devin because he is never in any of his vids 

    16. Emanuel Götesjö says:

      It would be great if you could tells us a bit more about what cameras, settings and different gears you use on the video. I really appreciate your videos and learning a lot! Thanks Devin

    17. AdventurTion says:


    18. Simone Chierici Wedding Videos says:

      At 0:00 to 0:37 "looks at how much money I" 

    19. Shadra wockeez says:

      How many red pros do you have??

    20. megan k says:

      that is not a lens that is a telescope