Berkeley marine Jet drive pump rebuild part one

Part 1 of 4 on the Berkeley Jet Pump rebuild for the Tahiti Jetboat.
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    17 Responses to Berkeley marine Jet drive pump rebuild part one

    1. RGLOVES69 says:

      Thanks for the post. I need a rebuild on my jet but im not sure how complicated it really is with clearance and shims? I do a lot of my own fixing on everything i own so im mechanically inclined. Should i go for it?

    2. Oldsmob455 says:

      @RGLOVES69 I say go for it. There is nothing to them. You can buy a whole kit with a wear ring fitted to a impeller. If you do please post what the clearance is from the new ring to the impeller.

    3. RGLOVES69 says:

      Wow fast reply.. my drive is a12jg a…cpperformance is the place i was looking at kits but they claim i would need to rent there took kit? Have u seen thee site?

    4. Oldsmob455 says:

      @RGLOVES69 Yeah, I was looking at a water to water heat exchanger there. Your going to need a 1 13/16 very deep socket or a wrench, a bushing driver and a puller to get the impeller off. The bearing is a press fit so access to a press is ideal. Renting the kit might not be a bad idea if you don't have a lot of tools.

    5. RGLOVES69 says:

      R u online

    6. RGLOVES69 says:

      I have another question for u..on the wear ring its tapered …..where does the tapered side go?

    7. BubbaTechIndustries says:

      On a Berkeley Jet, there is no 'taper' on the wear ring unless it's really worn. The ID should be the same for the entire width. If for some reason the OD is tapered (again, it shouldn't be), the tapered end would go in first (towards the front of the boat). The only other possibility is that you have a 'stepped' wear ring, which in that case, the stepped end would go into the housing first (towards the front of the boat).

    8. Mike Hayden says:

      thank you for your video gives me a fighting chance to rebiuld my pump

    9. Oldsmob455 says:

      @alpianeb7 I'm just a hack and my pump is old as hell but at least you can see what's in there. Maybe a new wear ring and impeller install video next year.

    10. MrB1Racing says:

      There are a few parts of this video that are incorrect..

      #1. A pipe wrench has no business being involved in a pump rebuild. ever. A pipe wrench will always leave a mark

      #2 the clearance should be .025 total or .0125 per side. Not .050 total or .025 per side. If this info came from that book get a new book.

    11. MrB1Racing says:

      Also the way the impeller was measure was incorrect. You need to measure the blades where they meet the shroud on the large OD and the actual blades from side to side on the small OD, measure the angle also.

    12. Oldsmob455 says:

      @MrB1Racing Book wasn't very clear. Thanks for the input.

    13. Just4Fun7997 says:

      Hey! thanks for posting this video, there's not too many people who are posting how to file an impeller, probably because its easier to just replace it. anyways how did the boat fair after you touched up the impeller? i have a wetbike impeller that needs to be redone and there isn't a new replacement available aside from NOS so refinishing is the only option…

    14. Oldsmob455 says:

      It went ok, nothing to write home about. I had a whole different motor in front of it so it was hard to tell what made the improvements. I'm going to eventually get a new impeller and wear ring and bring that pump back to spec. I have a video on the run, "tahiti jet boat gps run".

    15. Just4Fun7997 says:

      its better to restore stuff than to just replace.. my impeller refurbish went good, at least it looks good.. going to take it to the machine shop to have them balance it, they are only charging me 50 bucks so you might wanna look into that as well…

    16. Todd Perkins says:

      thanks for the great information!

    17. Justin Watson says:

      O-Riley's auto parts store had this book???? Great video btw