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Making money on YouTube is a lot harder than most people think. It takes a lot of creativity, hard work and dedication. And even with all that, it's no guarantee that you'll make any money. So I recommend you do it because you enjoy doing it. Now enjoy this video. Want to check out my channel? Click here after you watch this video…

Here are the TOP 10 richest YouTubers of 2017! You will be AMAZED by how much they make! Featuring: Dude Perfect, DanTDM, Lele Pons and many MORE!

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What's The Best Gimbal For Your Mobile Phone

6 Gimbals Tested – Which One Is The Right One For You?

If you're like me and just getting started making videos for YouTube, you want to know what are the right tools to use when making videos with your phone. Here are six different gimbals that were tested in the field and the rankings that were made in order of from worse to best.

Getting a smooth video it's very important. Sometimes I watch videos on YouTube that give me motion sickness and I have to click away right away. Get the best phone gimbal that you can afford when making videos with your phone and your videos will show a great improvement. This will lead to longer watch times on your videos and less complaining about making people motion sick.

Although this video was made in 2018, this is a great video to watch. It's made by Jeven Dovey. Subscribe to his channel on YouTube if you want to learn about making great videos and what equipment to use.

6 GIMBALS USED IN THIS REVIEW: Movi Cinema Robot | DJI Osmo Mobile 2 | FreeVision Vilta M | Snoppa ATOM | Zhiyun Smooth 4 | Moza Mini-Mi

Best Camera Gimbals


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