Boat Racing (Gambling) in Japan

Boat Racing (Gambling) in Japan

Boat Racing (Gambling) in Japan
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Mikeybalzz and mats – mix in a Gambler BB Cricket and you get some big girls to come out and play. On a tough day this girl ate on the drop near a mat transition from hyacinth to water lettuce – Gambler BB Cricket Florida 5/0, 1 1/2oz Gambler Tungsten Weight, straight shank flipping hook.

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    9 Responses to Boat Racing (Gambling) in Japan

    1. unitaper says:

      not much of a fight…

    2. mattymeis says:


    3. Sare Graffiti says:

      Hey is there some one I can get in contact with I am interested in doing some reviews of your lures on my blog

    4. Robert Seise says:

      Awesome vid!

    5. Ha wgtech says:


    6. Daniel f says:

      mikeybalzz is a boss

    7. Richard Cornett Fishing says:

      sweet vid!

    8. powershot334 says:

      If he swaps rods watch he getting ready to wreck one done it amany of times

    9. gundamzerostrike says:

      There's a pretty awesome anime dedicated to this called Monkey Turn and Monkey Turn V. There's actually one more thing to the races…

      Before each championship (each championship lasts a week), there's kind of a lottery thing to decide the engines each pilot will get… Some engines are total crap and some engines are good, however, the racers can adjust their engines and also bring their own homemade propellers… The skill as mechanics of each racer also counts. And the engines are numbered, so the gamblers can know not only who is piloting but which engine each pilot is using.