Bodycam Videos Of Officer-Involved Shooting In Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Bodycam Videos Of Officer-Involved Shooting In Lake Havasu City, Arizona

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The Mohave County Attorney’s Office has cleared a Lake Havasu City police officer in a fatal shooting last month. The Kingman Police Department conducted the criminal investigation, which was submitted to the Mohave County Attorney’s Office for review of criminal charges. The County Attorney’s Office cleared Officer Jerry Smith of any wrongdoing in the shooting of Devin Scott in the early morning hours of June 20. They say body camera video clearly shows Scott armed with a knife and advancing on the police officer in a highly aggressive and threatening manner leading to the shooting. Smith has since returned to active duty.

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This footage is NOT intended to be violent or glorify violence in any way. We are sharing this footage STRICTLY for the purposes of news reporting and educating.

Cow on the loose in downtown Havasu

Lake Havasu City police and animal control attempt to capture a stray cow in downtown Havasu and the cow bolts when things get too real. Editor’s note: The audio contains some foul language.
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    22 Responses to Bodycam Videos Of Officer-Involved Shooting In Lake Havasu City, Arizona

    1. InsideScarlet says:

      Oh my goodness!!!! 

    2. ZeroFlames117 says:

      yes go cow

    3. MrTaser99 says:

      wow woke him up out of a dead sleep with a knife… must not be a morning person.

    4. regen alexander says:

      I did a police ride along around Tuesday June 14th. 2016 from 10am to 6pm with Officer Jonathan Gray Of The Lake Havasu City Police Department I was Visiting my dads family When this shooting happened that night I was at my camp that night in crestline from the 11th to the 14th of july 2016 what they should do is to put this video on worlds wildest police videos hosted by retired sheriff john bunnell and the fbi files tv show also top 20 most shocking stopped by the law sometime in the the future I might make a tv show call Real Stories On Patrol Where I Get Files From Law Enforcement Agencies From Around The World Much Of The Footage Has Not Been Viewed By The Public And I Share With You Guys This Footage Will Be Coming Everywhere From Los Angeles To Tokyo Japan And Elsewhere From City Cops, Airport Cops, To Railroad Cops.

    5. J Kilroy says:

      Like a horror movie. I would not want to be a policeman in a dark house at night while looking for someone

    6. Charlee C says:

      This has to be the worst thing I've ever seen my life. I could never be a police officer and kill people. Can you imagine how loud that would be in a small room like that?!!?!

    7. verfed says:

      Why are you guys praising cops for killing a man in his bed? He was telling them to leave. They should have left. How many times do parents have to call the cops on their kids, only to have the cops kill their kids, before people learn – never call the cops, they will only escalate the situation and if they don't kill you, they'll at least shoot your dog.

    8. DozyProductions says:

      All you losers saying protecting the police in this case… have you thought that maybe they could of just closed the door at the instructions of the kid. Nope, cop pride and impatience is all they have so either its going to be a tazer or a gun or absolutely nothing else. Y'all have become to desesitized to killing people. There are times when cops are in danger and need to protect themselves and there are times when they are the provocateurs. These pussies ended up being being the latter and another senseless killing was the result.

      I don't want to fall for this divide and conquer strategy the power to be are pulling on us but we can't deny that there is a problem in all forms of control whether that be in our banking system, branches of government and how we are policed.

    9. gary feenan says:

      The Usa what a shit hole it is,full of uneducated fat bastards.

    10. Sami rye says:

      I hope the parent that called lives with this re playing over and over in their heads for the rest of their lives. you know that cops will kill anyone and everyone they want. do not call the cops for mental health issues unless you want someone dead

    11. n97svt says:

      can't belive he threatened the police white an ar15 smh

    12. Sky Pup says:

      Police = Terrorists & Murderers

    13. champclay18 says:

      This is what police waking up in the morning want to happen. They set out to kill steal and destroy. All police are corrupt jack booted Nazi thugs with zero accountability. The whole system needs to be destroyed and rebuilt from the top down. Nothing on this earth is worse than a corrupt Judge/Cop/DA all three in each others pocket.

    14. The Archives says:

      To be fair there were 3 of them with guns and 1 of him with a knife
      Perhaps taser would've sufficed?

    15. TheJegozu says:

      Another one for the Darwin awards

    16. knerf999 says:

      So many comments saying "just follow police orders"
      But when you feel fucked by life you're not thinking rationally people.

      Also, 4 men with police shields can easily subdue a man with a knife with minimal Risk of injury in a room that size without resorting to firearms.
      But then again… if you're pressure molded into a policeman in 6 months… this doesn't suprise me.

    17. MadBadger says:

      All these fucking dumbasses… dude was mental or something wrong. Don't just shoot when they're no threat…

    18. 3rdworldtraveler says:

      Never call the cops and i mean FUCKING NEVER

    19. Jayson Lee says:

      dude, why? save a depressed kid from himself by shooting him? cops are fucking out of control. that's why I never talk to them, don't respect them, and feel it's justified when they get killed. they have so much bad karma coming to them. smh horrible people. "just doing your job?" oh just like a fireman huh? only firemen don't go to a fire and and create more fire. fuck pigs. all of them

    20. daga11 says:

      Good riddance

    21. Luke barnes says:

      Do police really still ask them to drop the weapon after they shot them 5 times? I hope all us police die painfully

    22. Johnny T Doe says:

      guess tasers are worthless huh?