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Someone asked if I had any book recommendations that relate to metalworking or knifemaking, such a great question! To answer I decided to put together a quick video showcasing some of the books that have helped me the most, or influenced my thinking the most.

If you just want to get one really useful book, buy “Machine Shop Essentials”, it's a great book for beginners in the workshop!

Here's the complete list of my top picks:

Machine Shop Essentials (~, click ‘see all buying options' to buy from the author) –

Machine Shop Know-how (~, click ‘see all buying options' to buy from the author) –

The new Science of Strong Materials (~) –

Structures (~) –

The Design of Everyday Things (~) –

Tooling catalogs:

McMaster Carr (Online catalog) –

KBC tools (paper catalog) –

KBC tools (online catalog) –

ENCO (78Mb PDF Download) –

Hope these books are helpful guys!

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