Bushcraft and Survival Food, many edible things

Waldhandwerk Eats, a Mix and collection of Outdoor Cooking, Wilderness and wildlife food. All you can eat. Some Content might be Graphic. Viewers are warned. Season Mix of foraging wild edibles. Playlist for most of the Plants: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ck4zlcHf8qk&list=PLo5PQ6MSOuug1VLBIPI_qkMwXfY-UNKQD
Zum rein deutschsprachigem Kanal: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr2lN0oni_JeMepgjmZKZqA
https://www.facebook.com/Waldhandwerk http://waldhandwerk.de/
Waldhandwerk Bushcraft – Survival Trainings:
Bergzeit Outdoorshop: http://www.bergzeit.de?pid=215
http://bushcraft.net/ Bushcraft Blog
The Rats, Deer, chicken, Fish, Froglegs and most of the Insects are bought, we are not allowed to hunt and fisch, but in a Survival scenario they would be available in Nature
Essen aus der Natur, die Hühner müssten durch Vögel ersetzt werden 😉 + Tierische und Pflanzliche Notnahrung, zusammengesetzt aus den letzten 2 Jahren Outdoor Videos und Überlebens Trainings. Outdoor cooking, Stoneage style, fire making, knife knives Survival Trainigs Kurse. Based on the Middle European Region. Take care, learn the stuff in good courses. Plants and Mushrooms can be very poison!
Herbs, Tea, wild edible, harvesting, Kräuter Blumen essen, Tee Zubereitung. Ratten, Krokodil, Heuschrecken, Grillen, Rats, Crocodile tale, grashopper,
Keine Garantie für den Inhalt dieses Videos. No guarantee for the things in this video! TAKE CARE! Notnahrung zu allen Jahreszeiten. Camping Küche,

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