Kayak Buying Guide

See All Kayaks: http://www.canadiantire.ca/en/sports-rec/marine/kayaks-canoes-paddle-boards/kayaks.html Kayaks are amazingly versatile watercraft for exploring a quiet lake, shooting white-water, or just paddling around with the kids. Kayaks are designed for specific activities; however no single kayak can do everything. First you’ll need to decide on what you’ll be doing with your kayak and … Continue reading

Killer Whale encounter whilst kayak fishing Eyemouth. As seen on ITV news but unedited full footage.

My apologies first for my language, but when you have just cleaned a big catch of fish, are sitting in a 13 foot plastic kayak, and you see the world largest apex predator heading towards you it does cause some concern! I also included footage of a porpoise I saw … Continue reading

Kayak 101: Differences Between Kayak Designs

Are you looking for a kayak but overwhelmed by all the different choices? Well you’ve come to the right place! In our continuing “101” series, ACK’s Roland Jimenez walks you through the basics of choosing the right kayak based on your specific paddling needs. He covers everything you need to … Continue reading