Falcon Metal Detector Tutorial Part II, Gold mining in Nevada

Greetings! Make sure you also watch my initial video tutorial on how to properly ground set the Falcon. It is easy to do, and will afford you the best chance of getting the proper values. Good luck hunting! B. Video Rating: / 5

Ask Astronaut Jeff Williams: Post a Video Response

Astronaut Jeff Williams, aboard the International Space Station 220 miles above Earth, is taking your questions. Post a video response with your question. Williams’ schedule will not allow him to answer many questions, but he will attempt to answer a few each week.

Part 3 Washington Rock At Pyramid Lake

Legal Disclaimer: The content which includes all videos and photos of the Pyramid Lake region is not for redistribution or monetary gain ONLY Educational, News Reporting & Travel Purposes. Under the ordinances found at http://www.plpt.nsn.us/filming/index.html The Paranormal & Ghost Society meets the following provisions under their exemption policies: a) Individuals … Continue reading