Cute Kitten Imitates Bunny Rabbit (Amazing TikTok Videos)

Funny Cat Videos TikTok

Our TikTok post for today is this great imitation of a rabbit jumping around. This kitten thinks he’s a rabbit, after watching his friend the rabbit jump around. If you have a TikTok that you would like to see here comment below… Follow us on Instagram @tonyquintela. @cyan_awww #cat #rabbit #pet … Continue reading

Create and Animate Your Own Videos ~ Watch Sample Video

Animate Your Own Videos

Animate Your Own Videos I needed a quick Birthday video for one of my relatives today and created this video in a few minutes. If you want to create similar and much better videos than this with easy to use tools, you’re in luck. Click on the banner at the … Continue reading

Lake Havasu – Rare Footage Caught On Video – Arizona 2017

Rare Footage Caught On Video Lake Havasu Arizona

Lake Havasu – Rare World War II Aircraft Flying In Formation – Captured on Video – Arizona   I just happened to be at the right place at the right time to be able to capture this video. This was an awesome sight! To be able to see so many … Continue reading

How Did This Man Survive In A Dive Cage With A Great White Shark

great white shark attack

Wow… a man in a dive cage with a Great White Shark and he comes out alive… a true blue miracle. I have no idea what he did to stay alive in the cage once the shark jumped in there, but the fact he surviced with just minor injuries if … Continue reading