Colorado Gold, Nugget Hunting, Gold Bug 2, Metal Detecting Find

Stumbled onto a small nugget patch and caught one of the nuggies on video! 🙂
Pulled out 3 nuggets, all within 6 ft. of one another! Killer day!

1st.lil nuggie came from just to the left. This one here. Third largest nugget was off to the right.

62 trash targets more than half bird shot, and 3 beautiful nuggets!!!


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Vlog - Metal Detecting and Treasure Hunting in Drained Lakes (Best Deals on Metal Detectors) Tell them Russ sent you! (Lithium-ion Battery Packs for Minelab & Whites)

Berkley Lake, in Denver, CO. is being drained as part of a project that includes screening a walking trail from I-70 with a berm, trees and indigenous grasses.

This is a welcome event for many of the treasure hunters in the area. As most treasure hunters know, it doesn't get much better than this type of scenario for us.

Phil LaRocco a local treasure hunter said “I was here with my father in 1976 when the lake was low. He found 67 gold and silver rings in two weeks.” “We're waiting for the water to get past that,” he said. “That's where the diving board was.” LaRocco started out at 5:30 a.m. Thursday, and by noon he had collected a cache including 13 rings, a 1935 buffalo nickel, a silver Mercury dime and lots of wheat pennies.
Joe Fortunato said “People used to swim and play here in the water and lose things like bracelets and rings,” he said. “We're finding things people lost 50 or 60 years ago.”

Doug Sagrillo said “Fishing gear, watches, jewelry, rings,” he said. “It's like treasure hunting, with the price of gold and silver these days.”

The project is due to be complete until June of next year. So there is plenty of time for all you treasure hunters who live nearby or who may be passing through.
Lakes in the area have been lucrative in the past too; they have produced treasures in the past. In 1959, law enforcement divers on a training dive in Rocky Mountain Lake Park, also in the Berkeley area found four safes, in the water including one that contained 7.
Sign me up! When's the bus leaving for Denver? Well, that's all I have for now.

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