Copart Walk Around Boats Part 2

Part 2 of the boat walk around to watch the first here

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    20 Responses to Copart Walk Around Boats Part 2

    1. Gino Martin says:

      Where are you from that theres all these boats?

    2. Stacy Boots says:

      Great video. All of these are newer and nicer than all the boats i have owned. Blows my mind! That sanger is a beauty. Hope to see more. Thanks

    3. Joshua Ellis says:

      check out some more jet skis I would like that. i really would want to get me 2018 gtx from there

    4. Gerry McGuire says:

      my money on the Mastercraft

    5. Nathan Johnson says:

      where was this copart lot?

    6. pilot guy says:

      Be cool to pick them up but the state I'm in to get them register for the water you need a title. I can imagine the hassle of getting a title for one of these boats

    7. William Chappie says:

      I'm just curious what causes that much damage to these arches or Arts as you guys call them? boat accidents hurricanes falling off the shelves I'm serious if anybody can let me know what causes that much damage to this many boats I would appreciate it thank you

    8. chris b says:

      How do you sink a pontoon boat?

    9. Bobby George says:

      Probably a stupid question but how do you float a boat other than not having a drain boat in

    10. dgeorge852 says:

      There are 3 basic propulsion types.
      Inboard, which is what you are looking for.
      Inboard/outboard , AKA a stern drive where the engine is inboard but the drive unit goes through the transom.
      Outboard, where the whole motor hangs off of the transom.

    11. dgeorge852 says:

      Police boat.
      Looking at the boats and pretty much seeing mostly topside damage, I'm thinking it was from a hurricane and the boats were flipped and rolled.

    12. John Collins says:

      Where are these boats at? Which Copart location?

    13. John Dunn says:


    14. MikeV Gaming says:

      This dumbass just called it a outboard in 3:00

    15. brmorrow1 says:

      How in the heck does a pontoon boat flood? I mean even still on the trailer it would float.

    16. R. Ger. says:

      Hay it's your color,,, but you want the big one.


      Third time you sanjeer instead of sangHER……then naughteek instead of nuteek…..end of video for me. Sorry..not hatin..just sayin

    18. ceapa90 says:

      I wish to have that in Germany

    19. Terrie Waites says:


    20. dsal1984 says:

      Where is this spot