Country preparing for the worst in handling coronavirus cases | WNT

Teams set up a makeshift morgue outside New York’s Bellevue Hospital, something they did during 9/11 and Hurricane Sandy.




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    17 Responses to Country preparing for the worst in handling coronavirus cases | WNT

    1. Moe Fosho says:

      Hope everyone stays virus-free god bless

    2. Kermit3 Lily says:

      the news is obsessed about reporting deaths from the virus. But, they don't want to say a word about all the people that have recovered from the virus and built immunity to it. The news is just concerned about spreading fear and getting views.

    3. Shawn says:

      This is spreading so fast due to stupidity! For example….
      I’ve had 7 back surgeries and from that I see a pain dr regularly. I have a device implanted in my abdomen that is filled w liquid medication that delivers it directly to my spinal cord. The pump MUST be filled every 56 days. If it were to go empty I would go into severe withdrawals from the medication plus other complications.
      So I had no choice today to go and have the pump filled at my pain management drs office.
      I walked in the office and there was this older woman (late 50-early 60s) arguing about her appointment time.
      She said she came to this office last week and they told her the appointment was today. Today she said she missed it yesterday and talked w someone on the phone and they said come today and she’d be seen. She argued that all she needed was her pain med refilled and she’d leave. They told her she was a new patient and the dr wouldn’t give her pain meds until he saw her in an office visit first. But due to the virus he wasn’t seeing new patients. She again argued that she had been seeing this dr for years. She had not. She kept saying just give me my pain med refill and I’ll leave.
      At this time a male nurse came out from the back and said “M’am I talked to you on the phone yesterday and told you do not come in the office because you’d be a new patient and BECAUSE YOU SAID YOU WERE RUNNING A FEVER and you will put other patients at risk if you have the virus. We’re in a Heath pandemic and you’re putting people at risk because of your behavior.
      She kept yelling and arguing that she just wanted her pain meds and she’d leave. She was pounding her cane on the floor, slapping the counter & demanding her medication.
      They had to end up calling the police on her because she refused to leave without pain medication.
      So there she stood in the waiting room w a fever arguing about getting pain medication from a dr she had never seen before.
      Stupidity has caused this to spread.
      Just like allowing MartiGra to take place. Or the thousands of young adults in Australia who flocked to the beaches shoulder to shoulder ignoring the warnings from authorities on social distancing.
      Or the governments idea to bring all Americans home from China when they found this virus was an issue. They sent plane after plane bringing Americans home and the virus with it.
      My wife is working from home, my daughters college has went to online classes and since I’m disabled I never leave the house unless I have a dr appointment. So we are (as well as tons of other people) doing what we can to fight this thing yet we have stupid ignorant people who don’t give a crap and acting like nothing is wrong.
      I had no choice today and had to go to the dr.
      If you can people just stay at home. It won’t kill you to quarantine yourself but it just might if you’re out and about because you won’t do your part and catch and or spread the virus to others.
      Well that’s my rant about it

    4. LXTER TAILS says:

      This how the world going to end since China and Italy is the worst

    5. Queen bling says:

      Buses are still running here in Los Angeles County, California.

    6. あきら says:

      Staying inside, washing your hands, keeping a 6 feet distance away in person, and not going into crowds all save lives. Please remember that every person partying is endangering someone. It isn’t transmitted from the air but from sneezing, coughing or touching something they touched without washing your hands. It baffles me that even though this pandemic should bring us to do the right thing it’s been the absolute different affect on society in America…

      Don’t treat COVID-19 like it’s nothing or just the flu/measles. If you think about it like that, think about how a vaccine isn’t developed yet for COVID-19 but yet the flu and measles has.

    7. BIG CHUNGUS says:

      Women most affected.

    8. Julie says:

      Let me add that influenza killed 50-60 thousand in the U.S. last year according to the corrupt CDC. Just saying lol

    9. Diego Castro says:

      Ok but what dose shortness of breath high temperature and death have to do with toilet paper tho. Plus this was 100% preventable.

    10. Oxydative says:

      If Trump would have took precautions like South Korea and Germany months ago instead of downplaying this virus we may have a different outcome, then again it may not have done much but the American people would have been more prepared.

    11. Michael RS says:

      You know what, the nation cannot commit suicide over this. There's going to have to be a price society's willing to pay in human lives to keep it running.

      There are over a million deaths by car crashes every year. Over 35,000 of those happen in the United States.
      But nobody is banning car driving. So basically as a society we've come to say, "Well that's just the price of doing business".
      Sure, you try to avoid crashes by not driving reckless or drunk or some other dangerous way, but sometimes it just can't be avoided. YOU do everything right, but then some drunk into you.

      Our society, our state our country, cannot be shut down for long and expect it not to have a devastating impact far worse than the actual deaths or illnesses from the Coronavirus.
      I truly believe people will be committing suicide over the extreme financial hardship this has put on them and I think relationships, marriages will suffer and many more people will be out of work even when the virus threat is over.

      Just as people need to get out there and get on the road and drive and be careful while they're doing it to avoid crashes, our society is going to have to start functioning again, SOON, with people just being as reasonably careful as they can to avoid getting sick.

    12. Brandon T says:

      Time to activate Directive 51

    13. Abebe Feyera says:

      Ethiopia confirmed coronavirus case up to 26/3/2020 12 cases.

    14. AURA BLOOD yt says:

      This is biological war.

    15. Free & Happy says:

      The world is Dirty AF , forgive me God but I think ya all deserve that , stay home and pray better , don’t listen too much of bullshit on social as well .

    16. alexa Starks says:

      How do y’all blame it on Louisville when nobody seen this coming but yet the government knew since December 2019

    17. happy tryhard says:

      This is war