Desert Storm 2017 Poker Run TRC Official HD

This year’s Desert Storm Poker Run was epic in so many ways. Surprises found throughout the entire video.
Ride onboard at 180+MPH with the debuted MTI Boats 52′ “Spooled Up.”
See Sport Chassis Trucks, racing, speed boats, helicopters, bikinis, pasties, near crashes and pure adrenaline action.
Comment your favorite part of the video below.

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    17 Responses to Desert Storm 2017 Poker Run TRC Official HD

    1. Patriot Jefferson says:

      This looks like so much fun! I hope to be partying there in my own speed boat someday!

    2. johnatthebox says:

      cocaine anyone? lol….

    3. Weathervane rc says:

      I like the RC boats. Mostly because that’s all I could afford.
      Great video. Amazing boats .

    4. william hogg says:

      Watching videos like this re assures my how RICH this country really is. I'm a simple man, and do not begrudge anyone who has tons of money. I thank GOD I live in this country! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

    5. Susannah Steer says:

      Crashed my boat at over 100mph and still haven’t managed to save enough for a new one 13 years later : (

    6. Francis Ling says:

      Looks fun, but the chicks have slim pickings most of the guys seem overweight.

    7. Rıdvan Kurumer says:

      Boşu boşuna onları eski zaman yapacağım birgün

    8. goog le says:

      and then you see a pontoon boat passing everyone because they wanted some really good video to put on youtube. LOL

    9. blah blah says:

      Lake Havasu…..nothing more than a giant waste land

    10. Jersey Joe says:

      Did the people who were out on the pontoon boat shit there pants when they saw those boats and helicopters coming?

    11. whatscreenname says:

      Sorry but the editing on this vid is horrible. Way too many cuts with way too many super short clips. What’s the point of showing 10 different boats pull off the ramp for like 1 foot all for 1 second clips?

    12. robtdougherty says:

      4:17 to 4:21 Left screen, look how quickly that yellow and blue boat fades back!!!!

    13. Richard Olson says:

      So cool to see these killer boats at speed! Awesome video!

    14. Kingdom Company says:

      This is sooooo cooooool !!!!!!

    15. Gary Burbank88 says:

      Can i bring my 19 1/2ft Starcraft on this Poker Run

    16. Jack Benton says:

      7:52 Why am I not surprised that the name of the boat these two classy ladies are on is "Saving Ryan's Privates"?

    17. Kerri- the buttonlady & spirit says:

      Been there the boats are amazing